Alumni Profile: Haley Marie

Haley Marie joins Schulich for a two-part Career Building Workshop.

Haley Marie (BMus '06) is a classical musician with three Carnegie Hall performances under her belt, a pianist, a Governor General’s award winner, a storyteller, and more. She has quickly established a reputation for her sophisticated musicality as well as her unique ability to capture audiences. Her company Aurelia Productions is devoted to creating new ways for audiences to experience classical music and is fueled by Haley’s fierce interest in preserving the human side of classical music as well as the interactive and social atmospheres experienced at concerts. Her captivating presentations of live classical music have been praised throughout North America and Europe.  

Haley recently was invited by Prof. Carolyn Christie to Schulich to give a two-part Career Building Workshop where she delved into the importance of creating and maintaining an online presence during COVID-19 for short-term and long-term success.  
Watch the first presentation, “The short-term game: Paying the rent as you build your optimal career”


Watch the next part of Haley’s Career Building Workshops, “The long-term game: What can I reasonably do now to work toward building the future I want?”:

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