Withdrawal from McGill University

All students who have accessed MINERVA and decide not to attend the session(s) for which they have registered, must officially withdraw from the University. If you do not officially withdraw or meet the refund deadline, you will be liable for all resulting tuition and other fees.

  1. Students must officially withdraw from the University by letter or information [at] engineering.mcgill.ca (email) sent to the McGill Engineering Student Centre (Frank Dawson Adams Building, Rm. 22).
  2. If you drop or withdraw from your last Fall or Winter course by the end of the add/drop period of that term, you are withdrawn from the University.
    • For students who request a withdrawal after the add/drop period but by the appropriate deadlines, as per the University’s Key Academic Dates, the session and courses are left on the record, and a withdrawal code and date are entered on the session.
  3. An administrative fee will be charged. Please consult the University's Undergraduate Program Calendar for applicable fees.

Students who wish to return to McGill after a withdrawal may apply for readmission.  Please first read the conditions including deadlines for readmission before applying on Minerva. Students who are in satisfactory academic standing at the time of their withdrawal will be readmitted to resume their program of study.  Students who have pursued academic studies while withdrawn are advised to first contact MESC to determine if readmission is still possible.

For additional information, please visit the McGill Engineering Student Centre (Frank Dawson Adams Building, Rm. 22).