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COVID-19 Updates from International Student Services: JUNE 2021:
1. International students with a valid study permit (or approval letter) can travel to Canada (McGill is on the list of DLIs with an approved COVID-19 readiness plan).
2. The 14-day quarantine is still required from ALL travellers entering Canada (even if vaccinated). For travellers arriving by air, the first three days of the quarantine must be done in a hotel designated by IRCC.
3. Before making travel plans, please refer to McGill's quarantine resources and to our vaccination FAQs.

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Compulsory International Health Insurance (IHI)

The McGill International Health Insurance Plan is mandatory for all international students.

McGill requires all international students and their accompanying dependents to participate in the compulsory McGill International Health Insurance (IHI) plan which is administered by International Student Services. For more information on who is covered please visit here.

All International Students are automatically charged the annual IHI fee ($1128) upon registration at McGill University in the fall and winter terms.

Change of coverage period: August 1st and August 31st for each new academic year & December 1st and January 6th for new winter admits.

NEW and RETURNING students may activate or request an exemption from International Health Insurance Plan (IHI) between August 1st and August 31st for each new academic year and December 1st and January 6th for winter new admits. As of September 1st 2020, all registered international students, including exchange* students will have their IHI plan activated automatically to the default SINGLE coverage. Winter new admitted students: IHI contracts will get activated early January. However, students may activate your coverage on Minerva 24 hours after registering for courses. This enables the student to make claims, register for Medavie Blue Cross and Maple apps, get their IHI card and receive a reassessment of their IHI fee to a two-term PARTIAL SINGLE premium of $752.

*Exchange students who require a reassessment of the international health insurance fee, must activate their coverage on Minerva by August 31st or for winter new admits by January 6th. See more details here. Students who meet certain criteria may be eligible for an exemption. Please note that, students covered by private health insurance are not exempt from the McGill plan.

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