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Immigration documents

What kind of immigration information do you need today?

Since June 1st, 2014 all NEW Study Permits* automatically include an Off-Campus Work authorization.  Details HERE.

*exclusion: full-time ESL or FSL students and Exchange/Visiting students


How do I correct an error on my CIC immigration document?

These are the instructions provided on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website:

If there is an error on your immigration document:


Please note:

International Student Services (ISS) provides information regarding immigration documents (i.e. Study Permits, CAQ, Temporary Resident Visas, Work Permits) required for international students to study or work at McGill. 

Please note that ISS cannot provide advice to you, or act on your behalf, on such immigration matters. Our website provides links to Immigration Quebec and Citizenship and Immigration Canada where complete information, application forms and instructions are available.

International students seeking information on immigrating to Canada can check the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website as well as the Quebec Immigration website.