Myths about Withdrawals

  • You can withdraw from a course by simply not going to lectures
    False: You MUST withdraw from any class that are not intending to complete
  • Your professor or another University staff member can withdraw you from a course
    False: You are the only person who has access to withdraw yourself from a course in Minerva or to make a request for a Late Course Withdrawal
  • A W looks bad on your record and damages your average
    False: A grade of W has no effect on your CGPA and many students will complete their degree with a W on their record
  • Ws on your record prevent you from entering graduate studies, medical school, or finding a job
    False: In most cases, a W (or more) on your record will not have a significant impact on your post-graduate plans. You are advised to consult the graduate program you are applying to for information on their admissions policy.
  • A W means you were failing the course
    False: A grade of W simply means that you withdrew from a class after the Add/Drop (course change) deadline

Disclaimer regarding the impact of withdrawals:
Note that withdrawing from one or more courses during the semester may – where applicable –may affect your government financial aid and/or McGill work--study eligibility. For international students, it may also impact your immigration status and/or permission to work in Canada. Please ensure that you are aware of any consequences related to this course withdrawal request: consult with Scholarships & Student Aid Office, and/or International Student Services.

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