Exams and Assessment

Midterms and Class Tests: View the regulations on midterm exams and class tests, including guidelines for missed midterms and class tests.

Faculty Standard Calculators: During midterms, class tests and final examinations, only certain calculators are Faculty-approved for use. See which calculators are included in the list.

Deferred Exams: Students who were unable to write one or more final examinations due to circumstances beyond a student’s control (such as serious illness, family affliction, fire, or severe emotional stress) may receive permission to defer their final exam.

Supplementals: Courses within the Faculty of Engineering do not have supplemental examinations; however, Engineering students may be eligible to write a supplemental examination in courses administered by the Faculty of Arts & the Faculty of Science.

Reassessment of a Grade: Students have the right to discuss a grade with the examiner for any written submission. View the conditions under which this consultation is granted.

Course Evaluations: Each semester, students are invited to provide feedback on their courses regarding course material and instructor proficiency. The evaluations are anonymous, and results are not released to instructors until final grades have been submitted.

Final Examinations: All students and instructors are responsible for checking the schedule for the dates and times of their exams. Final examinations are managed by the Exams Office. For any questions or comments, please email exam.es [at] mcgill.ca.


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