Faculty Standard Calculators


It is highly recommended that professors require students to use a Faculty Standard Calculator in all midterm examinations, class tests and final examinations. This requirement must be specified in the course outline. The early adoption of the Faculty Standard Calculator will avoid problems that arise when students realize just before or during exams that they do not have the approved calculator.


The Faculty Standard Calculators are listed as follows. All students must have one of the following types of calculators; no other calculators will be permitted unless otherwise stated by the examiner.

CASIO fx-100MS
CASIO fx-115MS
CASIO fx-260
CASIO fx-300MSPlus
CASIO fx-570MS
CASIO fx-991MS
CASIO fx-992S

 Note: Model extensions are acceptable for SHARP calculators

The Faculty Standard Calculators will be required for some examinations; under these circumstances, no other calculators will be permitted, regardless of their level of sophistication.  Non-regulation calculators will be removed and no replacement calculator will be provided.

An examiner has the right to specify the category of calculator permitted during the exam.  Students are advised to check with their instructor if they are unsure of the specific calculator requirement for the course.

The use of calculators, including "palm held" computers, during examinations is at the discretion of the examiner.  Written and verbal notification must be given to the students in advance and repeated in the instructions section of the examination paper for invigilation purposes.

Unless explicitly stated on the examination paper, calculator programs prepared prior to the examination are not permitted.   Students using continuous memory calculators are responsible for erasing any stored programs or information prior to the examination.

In the case where the examiner specifies the use of the Faculty Standard Calculator, it is the responsibility of the invigilators to ensure that only the approved calculator is in use.   Non-regulation calculators will be removed and no replacement calculator will be provided. 

Note:   Covers on calculators must be removed prior to the exam, or the invigilator will remove them.

Due to the lack of outlets, only battery or solar calculators may be used.

Use of calculators not conforming to the above regulations will be interpreted as cheating.


Academic Committee: Faculty of Engineering - 2012

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