Regulations on Midterms and Class Tests


It is highly recommended that professors require students to use a Faculty Standard Calculator in all midterm examinations and class tests. This requirement should be specified in the course outline. The early adoption of the standard calculator will avoid problems that arise when students realize just before or during the exam that they do not have an acceptable calculator.

  1. During the teaching semester, class tests/midterms in any course must be held during the time duly scheduled for that course in keeping with the course timetable unless the tests can be rescheduled during the regular school day, provided this does not create a conflict with other courses. (The regular school day is defined as the time period from 0800 hrs to 1800 hrs.)
  2. In exceptional cases only, class tests may be scheduled after regular hours, 18:00-21:00, for courses with a minimum enrolment of 75, due to space limitations. The scheduling after hours must be unanimously agreed upon by students.
  3. Students unable to write a class test due to medical/personal reasons must submit a Medical Certificate/documentation indicating the duration date and nature of the illness/issue to the instructor as soon as possible and no later than a week after the test. It is up to the instructor and student to come to an agreement on how to handle the class test deferral.
  4. With the exception of class tests requiring audiovisual equipment during the examination, class tests should not be held in auditorium classrooms unless removable tabletops are used on the armchair seats. For large classes, the use of an auditorium may be the only solution to provide adequate space.
  5. Due to space limitations during the semester, the same space allocations used during Final Examinations cannot be provided for class tests. Keep in mind, the Faculty may not be able to book rooms in close proximity. For large course enrolments, it is likely that a class test will be scheduled in more than two rooms. Also, due to space limitations, alternative dates may be requested by Faculty when booking rooms for class tests.
  6. The Faculty does not provide invigilation for class tests/midterms. It is the responsibility of the instructor.
  7. Class tests worth more than 10% of the final grade may not be held during the two week period preceding the first day of the examination period in the Fall and Winter terms. (Note: Take-home examinations are considered as class tests unless scheduled on the Final Examination Timetable; however, Final Project Reports, Laboratory Project Reports, Slide Tests or Term Papers do not fall in the category.)
  8. Computer scored midterms: Instructors may receive answer sheets through Printing Services. Instructors must forward answer sheets to NCS for scoring.

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