Policy on Associate Examiners

Policy on Associate Examiners for Final Examinations for the Faculty of Engineering

The onus is on the Examiner to secure an Associate Examiner to aid in the conduct of his or her examination. Associate Examiners for final examinations are to be chosen, where possible, from the full-time professorial staff of the department or of any other department provided that the chosen person is sufficiently familiar, according to the Examiner's judgment, with the course content. The Associate Examiner must indicate his or her agreement to act in this capacity by reading and signing the Examiner's Information Sheet.

  • Upon signing the Examiner's Information Sheet, the Examiner agrees to:
  • Provide the Associate Examiner with a draft copy of the examination for review. The review copy should be accompanied by drafts of all materials that are to be supplied to student during the exam period (e.g. graph paper, formula sheet, etc.) and by solutions to examination questions. In the absence of any of these materials, the Associate Examiner reserves the right to decline signing to indicate approval of the examination.
  • Provide the Associate Examiner with final copies of the approved version of the exam, all associated materials, and solutions to the final exam at least 24 hours prior to the Faculty deadline for the submission of the examination.
  • Upon signing the Examiner's Information Sheet, the Associate Examiner:
  • Acknowledges that he or she is familiar with the course content and can handle questions arising during the final examination.
  • Agrees to review the examination and to indicate his or her approval of the content and form of the final version of examination by signing a copy for submission to the Faculty.
  • Agrees that, in the absence of the Examiner, he or she will be available for questions during the time slot allocated to the final examination.

If the Examiner is required to be away during the time slot in which the examination is scheduled, the Examiner must inform both the Associate Examiner and the University Exam Office of this fact at least 24 hours in advance of the conduct of the exam. This will alleviate unnecessary confusion when the Examiner or Associate Examiners are being sought to respond to questions during the examination period.

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