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Reassessment of a Grade and Reread

TAKE NOTE: The content on this page is only relevant for undergraduate students in the Faculty of Engineering (incl. Architecture). Undergraduate students in other Faculties and Graduate students should contact their Faculty for the appropriate information.

Request for Reread of Final exam, Final paper, or Final project (Faculty of Engineering)

In accordance with the McGill Charter of Student Rights, and subject to the conditions stated therein, students have the right to consult any written submission for which they have received a mark and the right to discuss this submission with the examiner provided the request is made within a reasonable time after notification of the grade, and subject to reasonable administrative arrangements.

The Faculty recognizes two types of reassessments or rereads:

  1. Reassessment of coursework (term papers, mid-term exams, assignments, quizzes, etc.)
  2. Reread of a final exam/paper/project (worth at least 25% of the final grade)

Reassessment of Coursework

  • Reassessment of course work is administered by the course instructor of the offering department.
  • Requests, made by students, must be made within 10 working days of the date of return of the graded materials.
  • Reassessments should normally be completed within 20 working days of the request.
  • The reviewer will assess the fairness of the original grade rather than re-grade the assignment as they would have graded it.
  • Grades may be lowered or raised, or they may remain the same, as a result of the reassessment. The grade obtained on the reassessment takes precedence over the original grade.

Reassessment of coursework is NOT administered by MESC (McGill Engineering Student Centre). Do NOT use this form to request a reassessment for term papers, mid-terms, assignments, quizzes, etc. To request reassessment of coursework, please contact the Student Affairs Office in the School or department in which the course was offered.

To request a reread of Final Exams or Final Term Papers or Final Projects (worth at least 25% of the final grade)

Reread requests for final exams, papers, and projects are administered by MESC (McGill Engineering Student Centre) and conducted by the department/School offering the course. Students must apply for a reread using this form by the following deadlines immediately after the term in which you were registered for the course:

  • March 31 for courses in the Fall term
  • July 31 for courses in the Winter term
  • September 30 for courses in the Summer term

These deadlines are strictly enforced, and no requests will be considered past these dates.

Reassessments and rereads in courses offered outside of the Faculty of Engineering are subject to the deadlines, rules, and regulations of the relevant faculty.

Take Note:

  • No rereads are permitted for computer-scored examinations.
  • The grade obtained on the reread overrides the original grade.

Students must consult with the instructor of the course before requesting an official reread. The new reviewer assigned by the Department will assess the fairness of the original grade rather than remark the assignment as he or she would have graded it. Final grades may be lowered or raised, or they may remain the same, after the reread. The final course grade will be determined using the new grade, whether it is higher or lower.

For questions or further information about the policy or process, please contact studentrecords.engineering [at] mcgill.ca (Student Records).

For more information concerning Final Examinations, refer to the university eCalendar under University Regulations.

Please allow up to 4 weeks for an answer to your request. Note: For Winter term reread requests, the response time may take longer because of limited staff during the summer.

Please read the Reread Guidelines above before submitting this form.  Webform Reread Request for Final exam, Final paper, or Final project

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