Courses and Grades

Important Dates and Deadlines: Students are responsible for knowing the deadlines involved with course registration, final examinations and convocation.

Transfer Credits: Students may be eligible to receive transfer credits. Here, you can view the steps necessary to obtain the credits and their corresponding deadlines.

Inter-University Transfer (IUT): Find out how you can take courses outside McGill University. For non-McGill students taking courses within McGill, only 400 and 500 level courses are available for registration.

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Option (complementary courses): The Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Option may be used only for the following groups of courses: Complementary Studies courses, Basic Science Complementary Courses and Elective Courses. The S/U Option must be specified at the time of registration on MINERVA. 

Extra Courses: Students are not permitted to take more than 2 courses (total of 6 credits) outside of their core program in a given term.  However if students wish to take courses outside of Engineering; permission may be granted upon discussion and approval with a Departmental and Faculty advisor.

Incomplete Grades: View the regulations surrounding L and K grades, what these letters represent, and under what circumstances J grades are given. 

Prerequisite/Corequisite Conditions:  Many courses are to be followed in sequence and students are to complete all prerequisites/corequisites.  View the conditions for course registration.