Courses and Grades

Important Dates and Deadlines: Students are responsible for knowing the deadlines involved with course registration, final examinations and convocation.

Transfer Credits: Students may be eligible to receive transfer credits. Here, you can view the steps necessary to obtain the credits and their corresponding deadlines.

Inter-University Transfer (IUT): Find out how you can take courses outside McGill University. For non-McGill students taking courses within McGill, only 400 and 500 level courses are available for registration.

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Option (complementary courses): The Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Option may be used only for the following groups of courses: Complementary Studies courses, Basic Science Complementary Courses and Elective Courses. The S/U Option must be specified at the time of registration on MINERVA. 

Extra CoursesAll Engineering students must follow the sample curriculum designed for their program. However, students who wish to take additional courses outside their program requirements may take no more than 2 courses (total of 6 credits) outside of the core program in a given term. Students may classify these courses as "extra” (provided they choose this option at the time of registration before the add/drop deadline).

Incomplete Grades: View the regulations surrounding L and K grades, what these letters represent, and under what circumstances J grades are given. 

Prerequisite/Corequisite Conditions:  Many courses are to be followed in sequence and students are to complete all prerequisites/corequisites.  View the conditions for course registration.

Repeated /Duplicate Courses for courses previously completed:  The Faculty of Engineering does not permit students to take the same course again for credit.

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