Studying at a Quebec University (Inter-University Transfer-IUT)

The Quebec Inter-University Transfer (IUT) agreement permits concurrent registration at McGill and another Quebec institution.

This agreement is subject to the following conditions :

  • The Quebec universities concerned may, at their discretion, refuse the registration of a student for any of their courses.
  • Students are responsible for ensuring that the McGill Class Schedule permits them to take these courses without conflict.
  • The Quebec universities concerned are not responsible for special arrangements in cases of examination or class schedule conflicts.
  • Grades earned at the host university will not be included in McGill grade point averages (GPA) or show on McGill transcripts.
  • Students attending McGill as an Exchange student from outside Quebec are not eligible to take courses at another Quebec institution through the IUT agreement.
  • Any grades received late from host universities may delay a student’s graduation.

Further information may be found in the e-calendar.

McGill-Faculty of Engineering Students

Students may be eligible to take select courses for transfer credit towards their engineering degree program with permission from their department and faculty.  Students are to review the list of eligible courses and discuss this with their advisor.

Once the course has been approved, students are to complete the Inter-University Transfer form, which also includes important information to know before completing an e-application.

It is recommended students monitor the status of their application on the CREPUQ form for any comments added to the application which may require further action.  

The host institution will automatically submit final grades to McGill.  However, students are responsible for ensuring any change to an original grade is transmitted to their home institution.

Students who are a scholarship holder should consult with their Student Affairs Office and the scholarships coordinator concerning eligibility for continuation or renewal of their award(s).

Students from other Quebec Universities

External students at other Quebec universities wishing to take a Faculty of Engineering course must complete the Inter-University Transfer form for their request to be considered under the following conditions:

  • Only 400 and 500 level courses are eligible and are administered at the undergraduate level, excluding summer courses.  Graduate students taking these courses will be categorized in undergraduate studies.  Graduate students wishing to take a graduate level course are to refer to the instructions for selection and approval at: 
  • Due to limited enrolment some courses are restricted to McGill students. 


Faculty of Engineering IUT Deadlines 

Please allow a minimum of two weeks for approval prior to the institution’s registration deadlines.

Applications from external applicants for inter-university transfers must be submitted by:

Fall term: August 15
Winter term: December 15
Summer term:  April 15 (May courses); May 15 (June courses); June 15 (July courses) 

Applications submitted after the specified deadlines may not be approved.