Incomplete Grades

Notes for students regarding L grades

When requesting a deferral of an examination, students are required to present sufficient supporting documentation that confirms the necessity of this deferral. Upon approval, an L grade is assigned in the course for which the deferral was granted. The student is strictly obligated to clear up an outstanding L grade the next time the exam is given. The penalty for not writing the exam is the assignment of a J in that course (Note: a J has the GPA equivalency of an F).

In order to ensure that students do not attempt to write too many exams in a given exam period, the student will be allowed to register in a limited number of courses in a semester in which L grades are to be cleared up. The maximum number of courses will be limited to ensure that no more than 18 credits of coursework are to be satisfied in a single semester or no more than 6 exams are to be written, whichever is greater. This will provide the student with sufficient time during the semester and the exam period to properly prepare for deferred examinations.

Notes for instructors

Student(s) with L grades are expected to write the next final examination, if one is given. Students will not appear on the class list. Instead, the instructor may enter the grade via the Grade Change by Instructor functionality on MINERVA. If the student misses the next deferred examination, a mark of J (Unexcused Absence) should be given.
Students are ONLY to write the next final examination.

The student's term grades are to be retained and then calculated with the final examination result (in keeping with the original marking scheme). If a course is taught by a different instructor than the one with whom the student had originally attempted the course, that instructor must grade the final exam and then forward the result to the original instructor. It is then the original instructor's responsibility to calculate the student's final grade, taking into account their term grades and original grading scheme.

K (incomplete) grade deadlines

Students with a K grade (incomplete), MUST complete the course within three (3) months, after which the student will be given a grade of KF (incomplete/failed). If the student is unable to complete the course within the given deadlines, a request for an extension must be forwarded to the Associate Dean (Student Affairs) and/or MESC for review and discussion.