Pre-requisites and Co-requisites

  •  Pre-requisites: courses must be completed prior to course registration - including all courses for which deferrals (L) have been granted.
  • Co-requisite courses must be respected for all courses - including all courses for which deferrals (L) have been granted. 

Therefore students are required to drop all courses in which they have obtained a grade of D, F, L, or J in the pre-requisite and re-register for the pre-requisite and co-requisite as required.

Permission to remain in the course without pre-requisites/co-requisites will be permitted in the following cases ONLY:

  • transfer credit has been granted for the pre-requisite or co-requisite course  which has been officially reflected on your McGill transcript.
  • special permission from your department or the instructor allowing you to remain in the subsequent course has been granted.

Students who have received advance credits/exemptions or passed a placement exam and are blocked from registration in a course due to a prerequisite block, must complete a Course Authorization Form and submit it to the Student Affairs Office. A departmental advisor must sign and make a notation on the Course Authorization Form indicating  the prerequisite has been satisfied.

*Note:  Any student in violation of the above regulation may have the course in question immediately removed from their student record.

Please note that this will affect course load, which may result in part-time registration status.