Extra Courses

All Engineering students must follow the sample curriculum designed for their program.   Students are not permitted to take more than 2 courses (total of 6 credits) outside of their core program in a given term.  However if students wish to take courses outside of their program; permission may be granted upon discussion and approval with a Departmental and Faculty advisor.  Courses taken outside the degree program requirements are classified as extra and will be indicated by an "X" on a transcript. (These are courses taken for personal interest and will not be credited towards the degree.) A grade of a course coded as extra will not be calculated in the GPA; however, credits are counted towards a student's part-time/full-time status.

After registering for the course on MINERVA* students must go to the Student Affairs Office and fill in a Course Authorization Form to have the coding manually entered on their record. Note, Departmental and Faculty approval are required.

The option will not be added to a student's record after the Drop/Add deadline. Courses which are taken to satisfy the student's engineering program or a Minor cannot be designated as extra.