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What is the Quebec Inter-University Transfer Agreement?

The Quebec Inter-University Transfer Agreement (IUT) allows students registered at any of the province's universities to take courses, which will count toward a degree at their home university, at other Quebec universities.  For example, if you are a McGill student, you can take a course at the Université de Montréal and apply the resulting course credit to your McGill degree. This is subject to faculty policies — be sure to contact your faculty's Student Affairs Office to see what conditions apply to you.   

Exchange, Special, or Visiting students are not eligible to take courses at other Quebec universities using the Quebec Inter-University Transfer procedure.

McGill Students taking courses at other Quebec institutions


To apply for an Inter-University Transfer, you will need to use the on-line CREPUQ form. Your application will be reviewed by your McGill program advisor, your faculty Student Affairs office and Enrolment Services, and once approved, it will be sent to your host institution for review. Your host university may require you to complete further steps — contact them for details. To make sure you meet your host university’s registration deadlines, apply well in advance.  Make sure to check the course availability and prerequisite requirements via the host university's course offerings prior to submitting your application.

You'll be informed of the host institution's decision by e-mail. To follow up on the status of your application, log in to the CREPUQ form. Be sure to read any comments added to your application by the host institution.   

Note that universities can reject your application at their discretion.  

Course taken as extra to your McGill program must be clearly identified on the CREPUQ form (using the Comments field) and must be approved as ‘extra to your program’ as part of your application.

McGill students wishing to complete a full term of study at another Quebec university must use the CREPUQ form and are not required to complete a Request for Study Away application on Minerva. 

Once your application has been approved by the host university and you have registered successfully, the host university will update your application status.  When your status is ‘confirmed’ your McGill transcript will reflect an inter-university transfer notation and you will be assessed tuition for the number of credits you are enrolled in at the host university.

NOTE1: Students completing an inter-university transfer must ensure that they do not exceed the maximum number of credits they are permitted to complete in a given term. 
NOTE2: For students in the Faculty of Arts, specific guidelines on how to complete the CREPUQ Form must be followed and can be found here

Getting transfer credit

You receive McGill transfer credits for courses successfully completed at the host institution, according to your faculty's policies. These credits will appear on your transcript once final grades are received. Final grades are automatically submitted to McGill via CREPUQ. They will not appear on your McGill transcript or be included in your GPA calculation.

  • If your host university takes too long to send your grades to McGill, your graduation may be delayed.
  • If your original grade is changed, it is your responsibility to ensure that the new grade is transmitted to McGill via the CREPUQ form. You will need to contact the host university’s Registrar’s office to advise them of the change, they will ensure that your record reflects the new grade and they will submit the new grade via the CREPUQ form. You will also need to iut [at] (email) to advise your home university that a new grade is available. Once the new grade is received, your transfer credits will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Withdrawn, failed, or excluded courses will also appear on your McGill transcript at the time of transfer credit assessment but will not reflect in your credit and GPA calculations.

 Important notes

  • Students in their final year (U3/U4) may have to delay their graduation by a term if they decide to take an IUT course in their final semester. Make sure to contact your faculty's Student Affairs Office and check your faculty policies to see what conditions apply to you.
  • Once your application has been approved, you must still register for the approved course(s) at the host institution and provide any additional documents required there.
  • Most McGill degree programs require you to do a minimum of 60 credits at McGill.
  • Once your initial application has been approved, if you add/drop or withdraw from courses at your host university, you must submit these changes on your CREPUQ form (Withdraw and application or cancel a course)
  • While studying away from McGill, your host university's policies for adding and dropping courses will apply. Host universities are not responsible for special arrangements in cases of exam or class schedule conflicts.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that grade changes are transmitted to your home institution via the CREPUQ form. You will need to contact host institution’s
    Registrar’s office to advise them that your grade has been changed.
  • Tuition for courses taken at your host university will be paid through your McGill account.

For more information, send us an iut [at] (e-mail) or contact Service Point.

Students from other Quebec institutions wishing to take courses at McGill University (Inter-University Transfer)


To apply for an Inter-University Transfer at McGill University you will need to use the CREPUQ form. Your application will be reviewed by your home institution (program advisor, Faculty Student Affairs office, Registrar’s office) and once it is approved it will be sent McGill University for review and approval.

Prior to submitting your application, consult McGill’s Class Schedule for an up-to-date list of course offerings in a given term.

Applications for inter-university transfers must be submitted by:

  • Fall term: August 15
  • Winter term: December 15
  • Summer term: April 15 (May courses); May 15 (June courses); June 15 (July courses)

Applications submitted after the specified deadlines will not be approved.

NOTE1: Late requests for Management courses offered in the Summer term may be considered.  Students must contact the Desautels Faculty of Management Student Affairs Office
NOTE2: Courses administered by the Faculty of Engineering that are offered in the Summer term are open to McGill students only)

You may follow up on the status of your application by logging in to the CREPUQ form. Be sure to read any comments added to your application.  

Registering for undergraduate level courses (100-500):

Once your application is approved by McGill University, you will be sent email confirming your McGill ID and the steps you will need to follow to register for the course(s) you have been approved to take in the specified term.  Students register using an on-line student information system called MinervaIf the course you are interested in has a required pre-requisite, or requires departmental approval, you must contact the McGill University department responsible for the course.

If you wish to drop or withdraw from the course(s) you are registered in, you MUST use both Minerva and the CREPUQ form to cancel your registration or withdraw from the course(s).

  • Make sure you are aware of the course add/drop or withdrawal deadlines as they will affect whether you get charged tuition at your home institution or not.

The confirmation of registration status for each course will be updated on the CREPUQ form shortly following the add/drop deadline in the specified term.  Your home university will access your registration status on the CREPUQ form and assess your tuition accordingly. Incoming students do not pay tuition for their inter-university transfer course(s) at McGill.  All fees are charged at their home university.  If you receive a bill from McGill University, you will need to notify Enrolment Services by iut [at] (email).

You will have access to a McGill transcript, which will reflect your status as an Inter-University Transfer student, as well as the course(s) you are registered in.  At the end of the term, once grades are submitted, they will also reflect on your transcript.

  • To view your transcript, login to Minerva and go to: Student Menu->Student Records Menu->View Your Unofficial Transcript


Registering for graduate level courses (600-700): 

Once your application is approved, you will be registered for the approved course(s).  You do not need to register for the course(s) via Minerva.  You will receive an email confirmation with details about your status at McGill University and the steps to follow if you wish to drop or withdraw from the approved course(s).

Final grades

Final grades are transmitted to your home university via the CREPUQ system. You do not need to provide your home university with an official McGill transcript.

  • If your original grade is changed, it is your responsibility to notify Enrolment Services by iut [at] (email) and your home university’s Registrar’s office. McGill University will transmit the new grade via CREPUQ and the Registrar’s office at your home university will receive notification of and retrieve it in CREPUQ. This is not automatic. You will need to notify both offices as specified.

For more information, send us an iut [at] (e-mail), contact Service Point or consult the PDF icon Student Guide (pdf - in French only). 

Explore Program

The Explore Program is a Five-Week French-Language Bursary Program offered by the Government of Canada. Students that successfully complete the program are eligible to receive transfer credit on their McGill transcript. The procesThe Explore Program procedure is as follows:

Step 1 - The student consults the Explore Program website to determine the course they wish to take

Step 2 – In Minerva, the student submits a simplified Study Away Application (you must indicate in the comments that you wish to take a course offered through the Explore Program) and an Approval of Transfer Credit Assessment form to request course approval

Step 3 – The student applies for the Explore Program on the Quebec government website

Step 4 – If the student is accepted for the bursary and confirms their registration at the host institution, they must email this decision to their Faculty Student Affairs Office (SAO)

Step 5 – The Faculty SAO approves the Study Away application and Transfer Course in Minerva

Step 6 – Management of Academic Records adds a special inter-university course (EXTL-IU%-999) to the student’s record in the appropriate summer term and a notation of ‘Inter-University Explore Pgm’ reflects on the McGill transcript

Step 7 – Upon course completion, the student requests a copy of their transcript to be sent to Management of Academic Records

Step 8 – If the student successfully completes the program, the Faculty SAO updates the Minerva Transfer Credit Assessment form with the appropriate transfer credits (if they should be granted)

NOTE1: The CREPUQ-IUT system is not used for this program when the student is taking the French course at a Quebec university.

NOTE2: If an Explore institution is missing from the Study Away module picklist email studentrecords [at]