McGill Scholarships & Aid

Scholarships and Student Aid administers financial support programs that are based on merit and need for students studying at McGill. Together, these programs serve to recognise, honour, encourage, and help students in their present academic endeavours and eventual goals in life.

This section provides information on our scholarships and student aid programs available to future and current undergraduate students. We also have dedicated information on how our office can help International, Graduate and Postdoctoral students. Finally, you will find important policies and regulations associated with various forms of aid and awards.

Donor Support

As a result of the generosity and philanthropic support of its donors, McGill is the beneficiary of various endowments, bequests and trusts (some dating back to the nineteenth century) that in addition to University funding, provide awards to needy and deserving students. Scholarships and Student Aid wishes to thank our current donors and encourage new support so that outstanding students may recognise their dreams.


Scholarships and awards fall under the jurisdiction of the Committee on Enrolment and Student Affairs (CESA) and the central University program of awards is administered by the Scholarships and Student Aid Office.

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