During the period in which McGill has committed to offering remote instruction (Summer and Fall 2020), the Scholarships and Student Aid Office is pleased to offer virtual services and support while our physical campus is closed. 

How-to Ensure Reimbursments are processed

Below is an image of PYAPOPS. This form can be used to verify and make corrections relating to your Work Study project(s). Modifications can only be made by the person who submitted the original record in POPS. Any records with WS Status of RP (reimbursement processed) cannot be changed. Any records with a value in Hrs Applied (hours approved) PLUS a WS Status of ZP (Zero hours remaining on a project for a given term) cannot be changed. Any other records can be reviewed to ensure your WS project number is accurate in the Gov Prg ID field.

Download a larger version of the image below by clicking on the link below.

Image icon pyapops.jpg

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