Important Updates for Students Applying for In-Course Financial Aid

In an effort to expedite In-Course Financial Aid applications, we are performing more online decisions without appointments. Learn more about several significant changes to our process so that we may best serve you and all students with financial need on a timely basis. Don’t forget to ‘Go back to your app’ frequently for important instructions and/or online decisions that will be added to your application. Students can expect updates within 2 weeks from the date of submission.



Services & Programs

What services are offered by Scholarships and Student Aid?

We offer advice on funding options, budgeting and debt management. In addition, we disburse all provincial, federal and US government student aid funding, and help with government aid information and documentation.

What financial aid and award programs are offered by Scholarships and Student Aid?

We offer an Entrance Bursary Program, an In-Course Financial Aid Program (loans and bursaries) and a Work Study Program based on financial need. We also offer an extensive Entrance Scholarships Program based on academic merit.

Financial Planning

How much does it cost to attend McGill?

Please see Cost of Attendance for more information about your expenses at McGill.

How do I know if I have enough money to fund my studies?

Please see our Frugal Scholar Money Management Program section or schedule an appointment for help with your financial planning by calling the Student Aid Office at 514-398-6013. You will be asked to complete, as best you can, your Financial Profile in Minerva.

How do I avoid going into too much debt?

Spend only what you need by making a budget and sticking to it. See our Frugal Scholar Money Management Program section for information on how to save money and manage your debt.

McGill Financial Aid and Awards

How can I apply for scholarships?

Please see scholarships for details.

Do I have to submit an application each time that I want to apply for scholarships at McGill?

In-course awards and scholarships are administered by the Faculty the student belongs to. Please see faculties for details.

What is a bursary?

A bursary is a monetary award that is granted on the basis of financial need. Bursaries do not need to be repaid.

As an incoming undergraduate student, how do I apply for financial aid at McGill?

Please see McGill's need-based financial aid for future undergraduate students for more information about how to apply.

As a returning undergraduate student, how do I apply for financial aid at McGill?

Please see McGill's need-based financial aid for current undergraduate students for more information about how to apply.

Do I have to submit an application each time that I want to apply for financial aid from McGill?

Yes, and you will be given the opportunity to update your budget each time you apply. The application opens on August 1st for the upcoming academic year.

What is the deadline to apply for McGill financial aid?

The deadline to apply for an Entrance Bursary is 30 days from the date of formal acceptance to the University or June 30th whichever comes first.

Students can apply for In-Course Financial Aid when the need arises throughout the academic year. Applications for the current academic year become available on August 1st.

Do I need to book an appointment with a financial aid counsellor?

When will I receive an assessment/decision on my financial aid application?

Entrance bursary applicants are notified within 2-3 weeks of submitting an application. In-Course Financial Aid applicants are notified of the decision within 2-3 weeks. Be sure to 'go back to your app' frequently for important updates and decisions. Please see important information for students applying for in-course financial aid for details.

When do I have to repay a McGill loan?

Your due date is specified on your McGill loan contract. If you have other queries, you may contact the Student Accounts Loans Administrator either by phone at 514-398-3902 or loansadmin.finserv [at] (via email.)

Full-time degree students at McGill who are unable to repay their McGill loan by the due date, may request an extension to their due date by submitting a Loan Extension application through the Financial Aid menu on Minerva.

What is the interest rate of a McGill loan?

McGill loans are interest-free until the due date and most loans carry a 3% interest rate after that. Check your McGill loan contract or contact Carol Pisimisis at the Student Accounts Office at 514-398-3902.

I am having trouble submitting an online application for McGill Financial Aid. What should I do?

Contact the Scholarships and Student Aid Office at 514-398-6013 for help.

Are international students eligible for funding at McGill?

Please see International student funding for eligibility requirements.

What is the Work Study program and how do I apply?

The Work Study program aims to give full-time degree students with demonstrated financial need access to jobs on campus. Visit the Work Study website for more information. You can apply for Work Study through the Financial Aid menu on Minerva.

Are there any special funding opportunities for specific groups/activities at McGill?

Yes! Please see our special funding page for a list of funding opportunities available at our office.

Government Aid

Where do I apply for government aid?

Please see Government Aid for more information about where and how to apply.

When should I apply for government aid?

We recommend that you apply by June in order to ensure that your funding arrives in September.

What happens if my tuition fees are due before my government aid has arrived?

Please see Tuition Deferral for details.

Does the government take into account my actual living expenses when calculating how much money I need?

No. Generally speaking, the government calculates how much money you need based on standard living allowances.

Do I have to re-apply for financial aid from the government each year?

Yes. You must re-apply each year.

The government did not give me enough money. Can I appeal?

If you have exceptional circumstances, you should contact Scholarships and Student Aid to inquire about the possibility of applying for more funding. Note that out-of-province students and US students are generally not eligible for more than the maximum funding limits.

I am not getting new government loans this year. How do I notify the government that I am still a full-time student?

You can go to Scholarships and Student Aid or the Macdonald Campus Student Services Office for information/documentation on how to confirm your full-time student status.

Please note that a letter from the Registrar's Office is generally not accepted by government loan agencies as proof of your full-time status for student loan purposes.

How do I learn about repaying my government loans after graduation?

Schedule an appointment with our government aid specialist by calling Scholarships and Student Aid at 514-398-6013. Also, be sure to check our News channel for postings of our government loan repayment workshops offered regularly throughout the academic year.




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