Important Information for Students Applying for In-Course Financial Aid

Our In-Course Aid Application opens in Minerva on August 1st. In an effort to expedite aid, we are performing more online decisions without appointments. Please note a few significant changes to our process so that we may best serve you and all students with financial need on a timely basis

  1. You must submit your In-Course Financial Aid application prior to requesting an appointment.
  2. Make sure you elaborate on any extenuating financial circumstances or immediate concerns in the Special Circumstances field on your application.
  3. ‘Go back to your app’ frequently! Important instructions and/or online decisions will be added to your application. From the Financial Aid/Awards menu, under Apply for McGill Financial Aid, click on the “View Status” hyperlink. Given staff shortages, delays of up to 3 weeks from the date of submission can be expected.
  4. If you’ve had an appointment with a Financial Aid Counselor during your current degree, we ask you to wait to see if you receive an online decision or are instructed to schedule an appointment. Receiving an online decision means you do not need to make an appointment, however, if you still wish to schedule one (and if not urgent), please Contact Us outside of the peak periods of August-September and January-February.
  5. If you have never had an appointment with a Financial Aid Counselor during your current degree, or you have urgent need, you may Contact Us to schedule an appointment as soon as you have submitted your application. During this meeting, not only will you have an opportunity to discuss your budget, but you will also have your in-course application reviewed in detail. Find out how you can optimize your financial aid appointment.
  6. If comments to requesting you to book an appointment with a Financial Aid Counselor appear on Minerva, kindly use our new self-service booking platform. A combination of virtual and in-person slots will be available. Student preference will be accommodated to the extent possible.
  7. Please do not contact your Financial Aid Counselor directly for an appointment.
  8. To avoid delays in receiving your aid, please ensure you have a valid address (permanent or mailing) and update your (student-related) direct deposit banking information in Minerva.
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