Postdoctoral funding is handled by the university's academic departments - candidates should therefore inquire about financial support accordingly. The Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Office is your best resource for more information.

Postdocs do not have access to government and McGill need-based aid as these programs are limited to undergraduates and graduates pursuing university degrees. The following services at Scholarships and Student Aid are, however, readily available to postdocs:

  • Frugal Scholar Money Management Program - although geared towards undergraduate and graduate students, our PDF icon guide can help you with financial planning while at McGill.
  • Budget and Debt Management workshops - occurring intermittently throughout the academic year, our joint PGSS events (often tailored to students with dependents) may be of specific interest.
  • One-on-one student debt advice - postdocs with student loan debt from prior degrees may wish to seek guidance from our staff about repayment options offered by certain government aid agencies.

Please note: students who would like information on how to opt out of certain fees should consult McGill's Student Accounts website (search engine >"opt out").

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