Lucie Lu“The most important component of my academic experience at McGill is access to the world-class faculty of the Finance group who are generous with their time and willing to nurture and guide students without reservation. They helped me grow into an independent researcher. The PhD program is extremely supportive. Having been hit by a major medical emergency during my study, it was the wholehearted support from the group and the program that made it possible for me to get back on my feet.”

Lucie Lu, PhD 2023 (Finance)
Initial Placement: Senior Lecturer, University of Melbourne

Manaf Zargoush"As a proud alumnus of McGill University's Desautels School of Management, I can attest to the exceptional quality of its Ph.D. program in Operations Management. The program is meticulously designed to foster a rich, collaborative environment for conducting world-class research. One of its most notable features is the comprehensive joint program with other universities in Montreal, which broadens the scope and depth of academic exploration. Moreover, the supervisors at Desautels are not just educators; they are mentors who guide you through every stage of your academic journey, including the critical phase of entering the job market. Their unwavering support and expert insights were instrumental in shaping my career path and academic accomplishments."

Manaf Zargoush, PhD 2017 (Operations Management)
Initial Placement: Assistant Professor, McMaster University

“In addition to internal factors (e.g. persistence and passion), three contextual elements are critical for an innovative PhD dissertation and eventually landing a good academic position: (1) a resilient program structure that supports exploration in diverse knowledge domains; (2) top-notch faculty for supervision and collaboration; and (3) generous PhD funding package. In McGill’s PhD program, you can find them all tightly coupled! So no need to hesitate, just go for it!”

Yasser Rahrovani, PhD 2016 (Information Systems)
Initial Placement: Assistant Professor, University of Western Ontario

"With its flexible curriculum, unequaled access to professors who are experts in their field, and generous financial support, the PhD program at McGill offered everything that I needed to succeed in my academic career. I feel privileged to have been taught by and to have collaborated with the faculty at McGill, and these continuous interactions have helped me become the researcher I am today."

Hugues Langlois, PhD 2014 (Finance)
Initial Placement: Assistant Professor, HEC Paris

Brian King"McGill's Desautels Faculty of Management offered me an incredible PhD opportunity: enough structure so that I learned the essentials of doctoral work, but enough freedom to build on this knowledge to publish articles so as to be ready for an academic job. My professors were helpful and supportive. They are now both colleagues and lifelong friends.”

Brian King, PhD 2011 (Strategy & Organization)
Initial Placement: Assistant Professor, HEC Montréal

Jean-Baptiste Litrico, PhD 2010“Reflecting back on my experience in the Desautels doctoral program, I think that what sets the program apart from other top-notch PhD programs is the greater focus on independent thinking and on relevance. McGill PhD students like to tackle big problems with societal implications rather than narrow and technical problems, and they are reminded that academic contribution means "novel thinking". Doctoral students at McGill also tend to develop their own research programs rather than simply adopt their supervisor's, which requires self-motivation but ultimately helps them to become independent and productive researchers sooner.”

Jean-Baptiste Litrico, PhD 2010 (Organizational Behaviour)
Initial Placement: Assistant Professor, Queen’s University

“The PhD program at McGill fosters research collaboration between students and faculties. My most important learnings and research development came from direct discussions and co-authorship with the faculty members.”



Chayawat Ornthanalai, PhD 2009 (Finance)
Initial Placement: Assistant Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology

Tripat Gill“PhD in Management (Marketing) at McGill was the most rewarding experience of my life. The PhD program has the right mix of structure and flexibility for a doctoral student to become an independent thinker and scholar. It combines course rigor with independence of inquiry for a student to develop their own research agenda and interests. The faculty and staff are extremely helpful in providing guidance and support throughout the PhD journey. One of the most memorable experiences for me were in the social interactions and social events that made the program truly enriching and enjoyable.”

Tripat Gill, PhD 2002 (Marketing)
Initial Placement: Assistant Professor, Case Western Reserve University

Kamal Munir “I remember the extremely supportive group of PhD students, who organized a cooking group in which one student would set a theme for the others to create dishes around.  I also fondly remember Henry Mintzberg’s colloquium, as well as the kind and helpful professors I encountered along the way. In fact,  the joint university programme afforded me the opportunity to make valuable connections with a network of professors from other universities.  Last, but not least, I remember the late night dinners at Basha, hanging out at the Second Cup in Paragraphe, brunches on Laurier, cricket on the Reservoir, Schwartz Deli, Fairmont Bagels, and so much more!”

Kamal Munir, PhD 2001 (Strategy & Organization)
Initial Placement: Senior Lecturer, University of Cambridge

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