Base Camp registration

The GCPA Program offers a set of activities during the first week of May and the summer and fall terms that you can register for, to better prepare yourself for the Program. The Base Camp includes instruction and practice on accounting case analysis, writing and presentation skills as well as coaching throughout the summer and fall terms.

The fee for Base Camp is approximately $250-300 plus tax. This fee includes:

  • A full day Case Skills Seminar.
  • A full day Presentation Skills Seminar.
  • Three Individual Debriefs over the course of the summer and fall terms.

Note: Those who do not register will still be expected to attend Orientation Day.

Financing Base Camp

The GCPA program, through the Kenneth F. Byrd Prize, awards twelve scholarships of $250 to students entering the GCPA Program at Desautels. The scholarships are awarded based on academic record at the time of application to the Program. The scholarships can be used to offset the cost of Base Camp.

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Base Camp Testimonials

“Base camp played a key role in helping me pass the CFE. While you will be learning theory during the regular lectures, Base camp will provide you with practical tips & tricks with only one purpose: scoring on the CFE. From learning how to properly structure your answers, to Excel shortcuts and to stress management on the week of the exam, Base camp covers it all. Additionally, learning from recent graduates who passed only a few years before you is reassuring since they still understand the feeling of going through the variety of emotions that you will experience during your CFE summer. I would recommend Base camp to anyone looking to bridge the gap between undergrad and case-based studies!”

Hugo Ouimet
GCPA Program 2019-2020

"Base Camp is a great way to bridge the gap between undergrad and CPA school. Base Camp is the perfect way to prepare for the program and for the CFE and is the perfect complement to all other aspects of CPA school. The case skills seminar at the beginning of the summer allowed me to be exposed to cases for the first time in a setting where I felt comfortable. The individual debriefs allowed me to get one-on-one feedback and this is where I learned how to really improve in order to succeed. I strongly believe that Base Camp is a crucial part in succeeding in the GCPA program and on the CFE!"

Liane Brick
GCPA Program 2017-2018

"Going straight from undergrad to CPA school can be a bit overwhelming at first because the teaching technics and exams used in the program are different from the ones we were familiar with from undergraduate. Base Camp really allowed me to start the GCPA program the right way and get comfortable with case writing from the beginning. The case seminar, the individual feedback I received on my cases, as well as the presentation skills we were taught in the other seminar were useful for me throughout the program. Base Camp allowed me to succeed in the program and to know which areas I had to improve on. Without any doubt, I would highly encourage students starting in the GCPA to take part in Base Camp!"

Jacynthe Ménard
GCPA Program 2017-2018

"Leading up to my first day in the McGill GCPA program, I was given tips and tricks from past students that ranged from "Ah, you'll be fine" to "Try not to get too crushed when you get your first case back." Needless to say, I had no idea what to expect.

Base Camp provided me with the peace of mind I needed to succeed in my first semester. The presentation seminar helped set the stage for what was expected for the group project, the "How to write a case" session was literally the reason I passed my first case, and the individual debriefs (especially those closer to the CFE) really helped me narrow the skills I needed to improve on to put me in the best position to do well on Game Day.

The peace of mind alone that Base Camp gives you is worth every penny -- and the number of extra debriefs, seminars, and one-on-one coaching makes it a great value. I would wholeheartedly recommend Base Camp to anyone joining the GCPA program. "

Michael Richardson
GCPA Program 2017-2018

"Base Camp was an excellent way to put myself in the right mindset to tackle my first CPA school summer. The exposure to case writing and presentation skills from the beginning of the summer was truly beneficial in my preparation for the CFE exam. The instructors are very knowledgeable and share great advice that helped me identify and work on some of my weaker skills. The individual debriefs, which are a big part of Base Camp, were the most valuable to me as the constructive feedback given by the graders was how I saw an improvement throughout the summer. Without any hesitation, I would recommend Base Camp to all students writing the upcoming CFE!"

Christian Varin
GCPA Program 2014-2015

“Base Camp was a great way to introduce everyone to the CPA program – we were able to meet key personnel from the GCPA program and network with our peers, before officially commencing school. Further, we were provided with key presentation and PowerPoint skills that proved to be very useful given the mandatory capstone paper and presentation. Base Camp also provided great insight on how to be successful in the CPA program via solving cases, reading techniques, etc. Finally, the individual debriefs really provided me with personalized feedback which significantly helped and improved by case reading and writing ability since it was tailored specifically to me.”

Rayees Haider
GCPA Program 2014-2015

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