Douglas Mellor Prize

Elizabeth Roy (BCom'20, GCPA'21), student of the Graduate Certificate in the Professional Accounting (GCPA) program, has been selected among her graduating class as this year’s recipient of the C. Douglas Mellor Prize for academic excellence.

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2021 Lionel Pelham Kent Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to Laurent Brière-Dulude (BCom'20), Paige Doyle (BCom'20), François-Xavier Lord (BCom'20), David Masella (BCom'20), Étienne Poulin-Leblanc (BCom'20) and Sara Shin (BCom'20) 

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Professor Julia Scott receives prestigious FCPA designation

The FCPA distinction is reserved for those at the pinnacle of their careers; it is the highest honour that can be bestowed on a member.

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GCPA guest lecturer receives teaching excellence award

Congratulations to Michael Richardson (GCPA'18, 2018 CFE Honour Roll and Gold Medal in Quebec) on receiving the GCPA Teaching Award for Guest Lecturers.

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GCPA participant makes CFE National Honour Roll

GCPA participant Min Park (BCom’19, GCPA'20) has made the National Honour Roll of the Common Final Exam (CFE) for academic excellence and exceptional abilities.

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Douglas Mellor Prize

Erin Janna (BCom'19, GCPA'20), student of the Graduate Certificate in the Professional Accounting (GCPA) program, has been selected among her graduating class as this year’s recipient of the C. Douglas Mellor Prize for academic excellence.

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Lionel Pelham Kent Scholarship

Congratulations to Jason Binette-Adams (BCom'19), Alexandra Chéné (BCom'19), Sadaf Zaywari (BCom'19), Kriti Jain (BCom'19) and Saranjot Kaur (BCom'19).

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2019 CFE Results

Congratulations to Sebastian Molina Calvo (GCPA’19) - left, Carlo Frediani (GCPA’19) – right, and Charles-Olivier Boucher (GCPA’19) – inset, for making the 2019 CFE Canadian Honour Roll!

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About us

The McGill Graduate Certificate in Professional Accounting (GCPA) program is one of Canada’s leading chartered professional accounting programs. It is a full-time program (16 months) in the Desautels Faculty of Management. The program at Desautels is ideal for students who have recently completed their B Com degree and are planning to work in a CPA firm.

Students can choose from other programs both at McGill and at the National level.

The 24-month articling period in a designated training office can be done concurrently with the Graduate Certificate in Professional Accounting or any time after commencing the program.

GCPA Mission

The mission of the Desautels GCPA Program is to create a positive learning environment for young professionals, using the best practices in professional education, based on a student-centred, integrated approach, and to instill in them a commitment to lifelong learning and ethical behavior.

GCPA Vision

To make the Desautels GCPA Program the first choice for young professionals in Montreal and to ensure individual excellence and leadership in providing a social and economic service to society, resulting in the improved stewardship of organizations.

Reasons to Select Desautels

The program is intended to allow students to develop professional skills that will be recognized nationally and internationally. The program focuses on the acquisition and integration of in-depth specialized knowledge in fields in which engagements are likely to be entrusted to CPAs. More specifically, the objective of the Graduate Certificate is to develop the technical and enabling skills outlined by CPA Canada and needed for the exercise of professional judgment necessary to solve practical problems related to the practice of professional accounting. Our lecturers are hard-working, dedicated, and motivated to making our students succeed in the program.

The GCPA Program, coupled with a 24-month recognized training period, provides students with the academic and professional business training, communication and interpersonal skills needed to succeed in a CPA career.

Our Success at the National Level

Recent Graduates of McGill’s Graduate Certificate in Professional Accounting (GCPA Program) Placed on the CFE National Honour Roll in the CPA Exams

Min Park 2020 CFE Honour Roll
Charles-Olivier Boucher 2019 CFE Honour Roll
Carlo Frediani 2019 CFE Honour Roll
Sebastian Molina Calvo 2019 CFE Honour Roll
Michael Richardson 2018 CFE Honour Roll and Gold Medal in Quebec
Liane Brick 2018 CFE Honour Roll
Kai He 2017 CFE Gold Medal in Quebec (shared with another candidate)
Marie-France Legault 2016 CFE Honour Roll
Christopher De Santis 2015 CFE Honour Roll
Melissa Marginson 2015 CFE Honour Roll
Lauren Prorok 2015 CFE Honour Roll


Recent Graduates of McGill’s Graduate Diploma in Public Accounting (CA Program) Placed on the UFE National Honour Roll in the CA Exams

Bianca Di Pierro 2013 UFE Honour Roll
Nadia McKinney 2013 UFE Honour Roll
Matthew Côté 2011 UFE Honour Roll
Isabelle Giguere 2011 UFE Honour Roll
Melanie Wiseblatt 2011 UFE Honor Roll
Ryan Abrams 2010 UFE Gold Medal in Quebec

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Get the latest Covid-19 updates and learn what to expect for McGill’s return to campus this Fall, 2021.

For Desautels specific updates please visit our COVID-19 FAQ page.

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