Success stories

​​"As a very proud McGill grad (undergrad 2010 and CA (CPA) program 2011), I can honestly say that the McGill program is a lot more than just a school, or a set of courses – it's a well-established, well-structured, evolving program with a strong history of producing successful candidates. 

While the program has evolved over the years to keep pace with the changes to the profession, one factor has remained constant, and that's the strong team of instructors that lead the program. With Julia Scott (Program Director) and her team, I always knew I was in good hands. They prepared me for all of the challenging, unfamiliar scenarios that are thrown at students during the UFE (now CFE) and gave me the confidence and support that I needed to succeed – not only for the exam, but also as I began the early stages of my career. One of the things I loved most about the GCPA program was that no student was ever treated like a number. Every professor, lecturer and grader made an effort to connect with and get to know the students and they were always available for guidance and support. 
During my time in the program, I spent countless hours learning, studying, and case writing with the same group of classmates and nothing felt better than succeeding with that same group. The program felt like a close-knit community – one which I still feel almost as connected to as I did over 5 years ago – I am still in contact with most of my classmates, lecturers and professors and am proud to work part-time in the program each year to be able to share my experience and expertise with the new students coming through. Each year I look forward to being able to offer them the same support that I had, and love playing even the smallest role in their success. I highly recommend the McGill program to all future candidates of the profession. The proof is in the pudding (as the saying goes) with McGill having some of the highest pass rates each year and with their dedicated, experienced and diverse team of professors, lecturers and graders." 
Melanie Wiseblatt, CA'11

"I will never forget the McGill program and how it didn't just help me pass the CFE, but prepared me to think like a professional. You guys taught me skills I will be using for a lifetime, for that I am very grateful."

Gregory Gottlieb, CPA'16



Nicholas Sosiak"As a graduate from the McGill Desautels CPA Program in 2012 and now proud CPA, I would like to acknowledge the McGill Desautels CPA Program for its professionalism, structure and knowledgeable mentors who facilitated my success in achieving my goals. I remember like it was just yesterday where I was faced with a crossroad in choosing which institution to attend that would better guide me in achieving my goals of becoming a CPA. Having completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting at Concordia University, the natural decision was to remain at this institution since I was familiar with it. However, after carefully reviewing the pro’s and con’s of each program (as an accountant would do), the professional staff at Desautels who are always there for you, a very-well-structured program that eases you into obtaining all the competencies you need to pass the UFE and having only the most knowledgeable mentors to answer any of  your questions, the decision was relatively easy." Nicholas Sosiak, CA'12

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