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Desautels Professor presents at a major workplace-inequality conference

Over 30 academics from North America and Europe recently gathered at the Society and Organizations Center (SnO) in Paris for the first edition of the HEC Paris Inequality Research Conference.

The talks hit on subjects like why diversity efforts at most organizations fail and how to fix the issue, the differences in advancement speed between women and men, female tokenism at the board level, and how mental health issues can affect wages.

Published: 15 Jun 2017

Think that job tenure is evaporating? Not so fast

Experts keep saying that median job tenure has been in free fall for years; that switching careers and jobs is just the new reality. But the facts don’t necessarily support that position. It’s a more nuanced field than most people realise, and some segments are actually seeing less movement than before.

Published: 5 May 2017

Jobs and youth: is the degree still the best start?

On a recent Breakfast Television youth employment panel, Desautels Assistant Professor Matissa Hollister said that, though it’s not necessarily an employment guarantee, “on average, it’s very clear that the university degree is the smarter, the better way to go.” But even so, the world has changed, and a degree by itself just isn’t enough....

Published: 28 Mar 2017

Male (Job) Insecurity

The long debate over whether America has gotten more economically unequal in the last few decades is over; all but the most recalcitrant acknowledge it. (As a recent New York Times story reported, sharp-eyed salesmen have acted on this reality, increasingly marketing to the top few percent.) The economic argument has now shifted to whether average Americans have nonetheless done alright even as the rich have become super-rich. Here one detects a subtle difference in vocabulary....

Published: 12 Feb 2014