Poets&Quants recognizes Professor Robert Nason in 2022 Best 40-Under-40 MBA Professors list

Published: 16 May 2022

The influential business school news site Poets&Quants has named Professor Robert Nason to its annual Best 40-Under-40 MBA Professors list. The outlet annually recognizes professors under the...

Even when good data is available, an organization’s culture can sway managerial decision making

Published: 11 May 2022

Analytics can tell a story–but they don’t tell the whole story. In any organization, managers need to have an awareness of personalities and politics, and that can affect the decisions they make,...

PIVOT platform shares small businesses climate action stories to inform and inspire

Published: 2 May 2022

Small and medium-sized enterprises play a huge role in Canada’s economy but lag behind large corporations in addressing climate change. Prof. Dror Etzion wants to change that. The Associate...

Should we leave KPIs in the past?

Published: 17 March 2022

In an ideal economy, hard work and creativity would be rewarded – and each person could lead a life of meaning and dignity. But our obsession with metrics can get in the way, according to Prof....

Rethinking how we lead

Published: 17 March 2022

Obsessing over leadership can lead to a world full of followers. Prof. Henry Mintzberg has identified 52 qualities of effective managers, and no one person has all of them. No matter how competent...

Community connections take start-ups to the next level

Published: 17 March 2022

In conventional accelerators, start-ups seek venture capital to scale their business, but that doesn’t work for every type of business. For social enterprises, community connections can be more...

Multiplicity of alliance learning in the entrepreneurial process: strategies of early-stage biotech firms

Published: 16 March 2022

Authors: Yuanyuan Wu and Paola Perez-Aleman Publication: Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Forthcoming (view online) Abstract:

Far from Void: How Institutions Shape Growth in the Informal Economy

Published: 16 March 2022

Authors: Robert S. Nason and J. Bothello Publication: Academy of Management Review, Forthcoming Abstract:

Open Theorizing in Management and Organization Studies

Published: 15 February 2022

Authors: Paolo V. Leone, Saku Mantere and Samer Faraj Publication: Academy of Management Review, Volume 46, Issue 4, October 2021, Pages 725–749. Abstract:


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