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Public Lecture - Neurocognition of Human Decision Making: from Perception to Valuation


Decision neuroscience addresses how the brain makes decisions, ranging from perception: “What is that thing?” or “Who is that person?" to value-based: “Do I want to buy that thing?” or “Should I...

Overcoming Epilepsy Part 2: Nicole Cresenzi

26 Mar 2018

She married her fiancé five months after surgery, and invited her fellow patients to the wedding.

The three Cs team up in neuroscience collaboration

9 Mar 2018

Unique brain-mapping accord among Canada, Cuba and China will take on dementia and Alzheimer’s

MNI researcher named Canada Research Chair

8 Dec 2017

Adrien Peyrache and his lab study the neuronal basis of the brain’s navigation system

Killam Seminar Series: Mitochondrial Fission and Turnover in Neurodegeneration


Speaker: Ken Nakamura, University of California Lecture: Mitochondrial Fission and Turnover in Neurodegeneration Host: Ted Fon

Killam Seminar Series: Dr. Piu Chan


Speaker:  Dr. Piu Chan Beijing Institute of Geriatrics and Department of Neurology at Xuanwu Hospital of Capital University of Medical Science

Neuro supporters win prestigious volunteer award

13 Nov 2017

Marie-Claude Lacroix and Ivan Boulva have helped raise millions for brain cancer research


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