Ensemble requirements (Music Theory B.Mus.)

For descriptions of our perennial ensembles and audition information, visit the Ensembles webpages.

Assignments & Requirements

When: Ensemble assignments are made following the auditions, normally in the first week of classes.

How to register: It is students’ responsibility to ensure they are registered on MINERVA for the ensemble(s) to which they have been assigned.

  • Students are required to complete 8 credits of large ensemble.
  • Students with a Music DEC from Québec or who transfer from a BMus program of another university are granted up to 4 transfer credits of large ensemble.
  • Students who graduate from high school or transfer from a non-music major program (where they did not participate in any ensemble training) are required to complete 8 credits of large ensemble.
  • Students in the B.Mus. Music Theory Program may complete the large ensemble in any given semester during their studies.  We recommend students take only one large ensemble per semester.
  • “C” is the minimum passing ensemble grade for students in this program.

Music & Free Elective Options

  • Students may register for Beethoven Orchestra (MUEN 567), or Tabla Ensemble (MUEN 568) with the ensemble director’s approval. These ensembles can count only as music electives or free electives, not large ensemble.
  • After fulfilling the large ensemble requirement (8 credits), students may continue to participate in ensembles for credits towards music/free electives with the Academic Advisor’s approval.
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