Prof. Philippe Leroux working with a student in the Digital Composition Studios, Schulich School of Music, McGill University

Music Composition; B.Mus. (Major)

The Bachelor of Music (B.Mus.); Major in Composition program offers students a solid grounding in the basics of classical music composition for instruments and voices, with or without electronics. This is achieved through lecture courses and tutorials (private composition lessons in the third and fourth years of the program). The study of topics related to music theory helps to hone students' compositional technique, while the study of topics related to music history helps to develops students' critical thinking skills.

Free elective courses allow students either to focus on an area of secondary interest as a minor degree, or to pursue a broader range of course offerings, either within or outside the Schulich School of Music. To ensure consistent performance throughout their program, students are required to achieve a minimum grade of B- in courses given by the Composition Area.

Minors, double degrees and double majors

Once you're enrolled in this program, you can apply to add a minor in another music field or from another faculty at McGill University. 

You can also apply to add a second major or degree to your B.Mus. program.

Program structure

The B.Mus. Composition program is made up of 124 credits.

student composing music


Apply by January 15 for Fall 2024

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Student resources

If you're a new student, check out our orientation guide (link below)!

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