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Key Financial Contacts (KFCs)

Roles & Responsibilities

  • The Key Financial Contact (KFC) is the administrative or support staff coordinating financial administrative matters for a faculty/department/unit.
  • The KFC is copied on all formal correspondence such as: fund over-expenditures, new fund notices and consolidated reports.
  • The KFC is the main contact for uPrint charges, but can delegate the uPrint duties to other uPrint administrators.

    Requests to add/remove uPrint Administrators must be sent to fissecurity.acct [at] (FIS Security) by the Key Financial Contact or Faculty/Budget Officer. The email must include the following information:
     - Full name of the delegate (must be a Finance User)
     - McGill ID
     - Assigned Organization Code

  • Only one KFC is assigned per Org Code.
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