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Updated: Thu, 07/18/2024 - 18:12

Gradual reopening continues on downtown campus. See Campus Public Safety website for details.

La réouverture graduelle du campus du centre-ville se poursuit. Complément d'information : Direction de la protection et de la prévention.

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How To Use Minerva

Minerva Finance (Fund) Administration Menu options explained

Minerva Menu Option How To

Budget Query for Fund holders


Query for up-to-the-minute fund balances, entering only the Fund code - ideal for researchers.

PDF icon How To use Minerva Budget Query for Fund Holders

Budget Query


Same purpose as the above, but with more flexibility in search criteria. Includes revenue account codes.
PDF icon How To use Budget Query

Financial Statements

View monthly financial statements, including transactions and free balance.
PDF icon How to view Monthly Financial Statements and further explanations

Adjustments on Past Payroll Transactions

Search process, approve and disapprove on past payroll transactions.

PDF icon How to Process Adjustments on Past Payroll Transactions

PDF icon How to Approve Payroll Adjustment Entries

PDF icon How To Delegate Approvals of Adjustments on Past Payroll Transactions

PDF icon How to use the Payroll Adjustments Approval History

Public FOAPAL Hierarchy Reports


View a complete listing of fund, organization, account (including salary account codes by position class), program, activity, and location codes.
PDF icon OVERVIEW of McGill's Chart of Accounts

McGill MarketPlace Entrance

Go shopping at the McGill MarketPlace (MMP); manage your personal shopping profiles.
 PDF icon "My First Profile"/Shopping Profiles in the Mcgill MarketPlace (MMP) explained

Procurement Administration Menu

Sponsor a user to procure in MMP; delegate responsibility to approve purchase requisitions, Change Orders and reconciled PCard transactions.
PDF icon HOW TO Sponsor A Requestor
PDF icon HOW TO Delegate Approvals of Purchase Requisitions, Change Orders and PCard Transactions

View Document

View information from selected documents including requisitions, POs, invoices, invoice document images, journals, encumbrances, direct cash receipts
PDF icon HOW TO view a Purchase Requisition, Purchase Order, Invoice, Journal or Encumbrance in Minerva (View Document menu option) including approval history

Approve Documents

Approve/disapprove documents; view approval status, revoke your documents.
PDF icon Electronic Approvals - HOW TO use the Minerva Approve Documents menu

PCard – MOPS Menu

Access the McGill Online PCard Service to reconcile and approve PCard transactions, view approval history, generate reports, and perform related administrative functions
PDF icon PCard Transaction Reconciliation

PDF icon PCard Transaction Approval

PDF icon PCard Approval History

PDF icon PCard Reporting

PDF icon Maintain FOAPAL aliases


Advances and Expense Reports Menu

Create or continue an accountable advance; Create or continue an expense reimbursement; View requests or outstanding advances
Travel page - How To's for Minerva

Delegate Temporary Signing Authority

Delegate signing authority for travel advances, expense reports, and payment requests during temporary absences.

PDF icon How To Delegate Signing Authority for travel advances expense reports, and payment requests

uPrint - Campus Printing Menu

Manage uPrint Charges - Query charges by Fund; View users assigned by Fund; Assign and update FOAPALs for users and Assign or update FOAPALs to Resource Accounts.
 PDF icon How to Query uPrint Charges by Fund
 PDF icon View Users Assigned by Fund
 PDF icon How To Assign FOAPALs to Users
 PDF icon How To Assign FOAPALs to Resource Accounts

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