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Finance Service Desk

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Finance Service Desk

For support and questions regarding:

  • (Fund) Administration menu options in Minerva;
  • Finance module forms in Banner (excluding the Budget module);
  • Web and Crystal Reports templates on the Financial Services website;
  • Accounts Payable & Travel Desk related questions;
  • Finance training and FIS access;
  • Finance-related questions.
FIS Service Desk Portal

Phone: 398-3463

Student Accounts

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Student Accounts For support on student tuition amounts, details about fees, fines and charges, and information about e-Billing. E-mail: student.accounts [at] (Student Accounts)
Phone: 398-7878
Consult the Student Accounts website for more information.
Student Aid For support on scholarships, financial aid, and U.S. student loans. Phone: 398-6013
Consult the Student Aid website for more information.

Banking Services

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Banking Services For support on deposits, bank deposit slips, and debit/credit card transactions for Merchants E-mail: banking [at] (Banking Services)

Endowment Fund Administrator

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Endowment Fund Administrator For support on endowment capital funds and related queries (MIP units, distribution rate) E-mail: endowmentaccounting.finserv [at] (Endowment Fund Administrator)

Expense Payment Services (AP, PCard, Travel)

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Accounts Payable To send invoices for processing. E-mail: accountspayable [at] (Accounts Payable)
For support on what to do when an invoice does not meet the Procure to Pay directive, consult the Invoices on Purchase Orders webpage.  
For support on payment status of invoices, questions may be directed to Accounts Payable

Vendors: apinfo [at]
McGill CommunityFinance Service Desk Portal

Central PCard Administration Team

For support and questions regarding:

  • The use of the Minerva MOPS menu, reconciling, uploading supporting documentation, approving
  • The PCard Regulation and Procedures
  • PCard application, pick-up, how to add a Reconciler on PCard applications, questions about PCard transactions and to dispute charges
E-mail: pcardadministration [at] (Central PCard Administration Team)
Phone: 398-1518
Travel Desk For support on advances/expense reports FIS Service Desk Portal


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Feeds For support on Financial Transactions FEEDS submitted to the FIS accounting ledger E-mail: feeds-gl.acct [at] (Feeds)

Finance Accounts Receivable

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Accounts Receivable For support on billing and collection of all charges for services rendered to customers outside the University E-mail: Arforms.finserv [at] (Finance Accounts Receivable)

FIS Security

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FIS Security
To submit the FIS Authorization Form for Finance/Fund query access, requests for ME15/ME16 access, and for termination of Finance/Fund query access. E-mail: fissecurity.acct [at] (Finance Security)

Info Tax

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Info Tax For support on sales tax E-mail: infotax.acct [at] (Info Tax)

New Fund Opening

Contact Area Topic Contact phone/e-mail
New Fund Opening For support on opening a new Fund code E-mail: fundopening.finserv [at] (Fund Opening)

Procurement Services

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Procurement Services For support on placing orders using the McGill MarketPlace (MMP), rejected requisitions, questions about purchase orders, change orders, quotations, to cancel a purchase order against which no invoice has been paid

To place a Jira service request, login here

Phone: 398-2840
Online forms: Forms
More Information: Who to contact and when for the McGill MarketPlace (MMP)
For support on supplier related issues - update a supplier's address, tax numbers, change company name or its contact information To place a Jira service request, login here
Phone: 398-2840
For support on setting-up a Canadian supplier with direct deposit or to update banking information To place a Jira service request, login here
Phone: 398-2840

Research Financial Management Services (RFMS)

Contact Area Topic Contact phone/e-mail
Research Financial Management Services (RFMS) Expense eligibility and compliance questions relating to research grants and contracts For Tri-Agency grants email rfmsexpense-eligibility.finserv [at] (RFMS Expense Eligibility), alternatively contact the appropriate Fund Administrator. Look up a Fund Administrator in FTMFUND (if you have Banner access).
General post-award financial management/questions on funds/grants E-mail: rfmshelpdesk.finserv [at] (Research Financial Management Services (RFMS)).
Seeking assistance with pre-award support, when the appropriate pre-award (grants and agreements) officer is unknown, or if you have general OSR-related inquiries Email info.osr [at] (INFO )at Office of Sponsored Research
Inquiries related to award activation (new grants/sub-grants), issuance of sub-awards to external collaborators, and all post-award matters (changes to award parameters), as well as notification of departures, leaves, and incoming new Faculty seeking to transfer their grants to McGill Email awards.osr [at] (AWARDS )at Office of Sponsored Research

Unrestricted Accounting

Contact Area Topic
Unrestricted Accounting For general information on Unrestricted Funds
Budget questions for 1A/1B Funds should be directed to Analysys, Planning and Budget.
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