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  • Financial Policies

    Financial Policies

    Read our policies and guidelines for the Reimbursement of Expenses, Fund Financial Manager Policy, Guest Lecturer and Speaker Remuneration, and much more...

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  • Web and Crystal Reports

    Web and Crystal Reports (Reporting)

    Need a report that captures monthly or yearly transactions? Looking for a report that you can run by Account or Activity Code? Run our web and crystal reports.

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  • Resources and tools for Finance (FIS) Users

    Resources and tools for Finance (FIS) Users

    Do you need query access to Funds? Do you need to process payments, transfers, or deposits? This section is for you.

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  • Resources and tools for researchers/PIs

    Resources and tools for researchers/PIs

    Are you the Principal Investigator for a Fund? This section is for you - resources to help you manage your Funds and Grants.

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  • Knowledge Base

    Financial Services Knowledge Base

    Looking for general information about processes, and how to documentation pertaining to your "finance" related duties? Visit our Knowledge Base.

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  • Forms


    Looking for these forms - FIS Authorization form | Payment Request Form | New Fund Request Form? Check out our Forms page for these and more.

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Welcome to Financial Services

The Mission of Financial Services is to ensure financial integrity and control of the University's operations, including the safeguarding of assets, and to provide the highest quality service to our clients on a timely basis.

Our Responsibilities

On this site you will find:

We also have a Knowledge Base which contains documentation on "when & how" to use our Finance applications and forms in Minerva and Banner.