Purchase Order (P0) Liquidation Request Form

Form updated: Nov 19, 2018

Requests to liquidate purchase orders are usually needed when invoices submitted for payment are not an exact match to the PO. In these cases, the purchase order remains open until a formal request to liquidate the PO is submitted to Accounts Payable. Since encumbrances affect the available balance of a fund, POs with remaining encumbrances must be liquidated in a timely manner to ensure that fund balances accurately reflect financial activity.

Before submitting this form:

Be sure to reconcile - compare/validate all invoices (including credits) per PO and confirm with the Fund Financial Manager/Principal Investigator that the order is complete.

To verify the status or to see the activity associated to a purchase order and the remaining encumbrance balance

  • Query the Banner form FGIENCD (view the How to Use Banner page)
    • If "O" appears in the Status indicator field, the PO is Open

    • If "C" appears in the Status indicator field, the PO is Closed

To review invoices and credit memos processed against a PO:

Should you have further questions, email apinfo [at] mcgill.ca.

NOTE: For purchase orders issued in the current Fiscal Year, and where the goods/services are NO longer required and NO invoices were ever applied against the P0, complete and submit the PO Cancellation Request Form found on the Procurement Services website.

Purchase Order (P0) Liquidation Request Form

Requestor Information

If applicable, it is the Requestor's responsibility to contact the Supplier(s) to advise them of the closing of the purchase order(s) prior to submitting this form.

(Enter in the format First Name Last Name)
(Enter in the format 514-398-1234 x.1234)
Purchase Orders (P0s) to Liquidate

PO should be liquidated and closed only when:

  • the full quantity of goods/services for all items/commodities have been received
  • all associated invoices have been processed for payment by Accounts Payable and charged to the FOAPAL(s)
  • if goods were returned, all associated credit memos have been processed by Accounts Payable
  • no further goods/services will be received and no further invoices or credits will be submitted

Enter all POs to liquidate in the text box below (see example)

If entering multiple POs, enter one per line.

PO#                                 Supplier Name                          Amount                          Reason

P0569875                        Vendor ABC                              $27.58                             decrease in unit price (PO item #1)

By clicking on the Submit button below, I confirm that I have RECONCILED the purchase orders listed above.

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