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Office of the Vice-Principal, Administration and Finance

Managing our Environment, Resources, and People

Welcome to the Office of the Vice-Principal, Administration and Finance. Our mission is to provide prudent and progressive management of McGill University’s financial resources, human resources, information technology services, and university services. The VP (A&F) is the chief financial and administrative officer of McGill University, and his portfolio includes the units below:

Financial Services

Financial ServicesResponsible for the recording and reporting of the financial activities of the University’s units, and the high-level monitoring of the integrity of financial transactions


Human Resources

Responsible for the development and implementation of policies and procedures affecting the working conditions of all staff, the negotiation of collective agreements, as well as pension administration, benefits and pay, and the development and implementation of salary policies for all staff at the University.


Office of Investments

Responsible for the management of the investments and other university endowments in order to provide a dependable and optimal source of income for endowment beneficiaries while preserving the real value of capital. Also responsible for managing the University’s cash and short-term borrowings, approving the opening of endowment accounts, and monitoring the financial aspects of estates/trusts held outside of the University in which McGill holds an interest.


Risk Management and Insurance

Risk Management and InsurenceResponsible for promoting and advancing the use of risk management practices in order to protect McGill’s human and physical resources, including its revenues, against potential loss.


Facilities Management and Ancillary Services

Responsible for providing infrastructure services including building and grounds, special events, retail, parking, printing, mail, utilities and energy management, building operations, project management, design services, logistics, campus and space planning, safety, and security.


Information Technology Services

ITResponsible for delivering user-centred information systems and services to the University community, while ensuring data and systems infrastructures that are technically sound, secure, state of the art, financially viable, and poised for future developments.


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Office of the Vice-Principal,
Administration and Finance

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