Le Bureau de la planification et du développement des campus

Campus Planning and Development's primary role is to support McGill’s mission as a public institution for the advancement of learning by providing expertise related to the planning and development of the university’s campuses. In fulfilling this role, CPD is responsible for defining a clear vision for the physical campuses that reflect the strategic goals of the university and the objectives of the Provost’s Strategic Academic Plan. In doing so, the office ensures that development and changes on campus occur cohesively and that spaces and resources are allocated in a manner that effectively supports the objectives of the university.

CPD is a team of dedicated urban planners, architects and other professionals who work closely with internal and external stakeholders to create vibrant campuses that are open, connected and purposeful. Current areas of focus include but are not limited to: campus development, respecting our heritage footprint, sustainability, accessibility and maintaining a safe and welcoming environment for students, staff, faculty and researchers.

CPD is responsible for planning McGill campuses.

Map of downtown campus

Access campus maps or make a data request.

CPD has developed a comprehensive planning document for the downtown and Macdonald campuses for the next 20 years.

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