26 Jan 2024

Winter is in full swing and being prepared for it goes hand in hand with living in Quebec. We often think about preparing our homes for winter but what about our vehicles? Are you and your vehicle ready if you were stuck in a snowstorm?

14 Dec 2023

The Macdonald Stewart Library Building, home to the Schulich Library, is part of a group of buildings built at the end of the 19th century that gave the downtown campus its signature image.

13 Dec 2023

Throughout the fall, we’ve been hard at work developing Maximo, the new Asset Management System that will replace FAMIS. Here’s a status update:

12 Dec 2023

We wish to thank for their dedication to McGill the 45 Facilities Management and Ancillary Services staff members who celebrated a service anniversary in 2023:

15 years:

12 Dec 2023

As announced in September 2023, Campus Public Safety will launch a new incident management solution which provides a centralized sy


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