Report a problem/Request a service

The Facilities Call Center is your one-stop shop for all issues related to the maintenance of facilities and/or exterior grounds.


Man stretches his arm to screw or unscrew a tap on a pipe in a utilities room

FAMIS is McGill’s facilities management system. It is used for logging and tracking maintenance service requests.

Space Management System

Printscreen from eSpace program, 3D imaging of the downtown campus map

eSpace offers the ability to view building layouts, floorplans, several types of plans as well as other documents related to construction and renovation projects.

Maps and Geospatial Data

Map of the downtown campus with legend

The McGill campus maps are updated regularly. Download the official campus maps to print, use the interactive maps, including a layer detailing the current and upcoming construction projects, or request geospatial data.

Standards & Guidelines

Standards and Guidelines

McGill's building design standards are among the essential reference documents available to external consultants and the McGill community on our Buildings site.

Building Policies

Wide staircase with a person walking up. Big glass wall on the right side of the picture letting in a lot of light.

McGill’s building policies are intended to safeguard our community and property, to accommodate academic requirements, and to optimize the use of the available facilities.

Building Directors

Façade of Redpath Hall as seen from McTavish street

Each McGill building has a Building Director who serves as the main liaison between building users and the service departments involved in the operation, maintenance and renovation of the facilities.

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