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Gradual reopening continues on downtown campus. See Campus Public Safety website for details.

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Ongoing and upcoming construction projects at McGill – Summer 2024

Facilities Management and Ancillary Services oversees construction and renovation projects across McGill campuses, from classroom and laboratory upgrades to the complete interior demolition of a building and its remodeling. 

Here is a closer look at some major projects currently in construction or set to kick off in the next couple of months. For a full list of the projects happening in your building (or scheduled to start soon), consult our online maps of projects.

Ongoing projects 

Stewart Biology Building - West block 

Laboratory space with white walls, blue floors, and a lot of natural light.

  • Construction start: May 2017 
  • Planned construction end: August 2024 
  • Budget: $129,200,000 

The West block’s interior spaces have been completely redeveloped with the construction of new state-of-the-art research laboratories and full replacement of mechanical and electrical systems. The project also included the complete removal of asbestos and a repair of the building envelope. It is the largest renovation project at McGillto date. (More info in our McGill Reporter article on the project). 

The 3rd to 7th floors have been completed and are currently back in use by the Faculty of Science. The remaining floors are expected to be delivered by the summer. 

Downtown Powerhouse – Boiler replacement and heat recovery 

  • Construction start: July 2021 
  • Planned construction end: December 2024 
  • Budget: $38,820,000 

In line with the University’s objective to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, McGill has replaced one of its natural gas boilers at the downtown campus powerhouse with two electric boilers. The project also includes electrical infrastructure upgrades and modifications to support the installation of the new boilers, as well as the addition of a heat recovery system for the remaining natural gas boilers. 

The project is nearing completion. The new boilers are expected to be put into service in the coming weeks. Some final instruments will then need to be installed, followed by equipment and control testing. 

Strathcona Music Building – Restoration of building envelope  

  • Construction start: July 2021 
  • Planned construction end: November 2026 
  • Budget: $26,000,000 

The Strathcona Music Building, built in 1895 and situated on Sherbrooke Street, is home to the Schulich School of Music. This project aims to restore the building envelope and foundation so that future generations can continue to enjoy this heritage building.  

The project spans multiple years as work is limited to the summer months to reduce disruptions to the building users. This summer will see the restoration of masonry work on parts of the North and South façades. Previous phases addressed the consolidation of the foundation and the structural reinforcement of the gables and roofs. Future phases will include further masonry work on the façades, window replacement, and landscaping. 

Raymond Building – Deferred maintenance  

  • Construction start: October 2021 
  • Planned construction end: December 2026 
  • Budget: $60,800,000 

The scope of this project includes the replacement of the HVAC systems, electrical systems and fume hoods, the addition and replacement of emergency showers and eyewash stations, the installation of sprinklers, repairs to the stone foundation around the building, and structural repairs to the roof.  

The upcoming work for this project consists of finalizing the installation and connection of the new electromechanical systems and the repairs of the roof. The building occupants are expected to be able to reintegrate their spaces in 2025 while the exterior work on the roof continues. 

Raymond Greenhouse 

Raymond Greenhouse under construction

  • Construction start: February 2022 
  • Planned construction end: August 2024 
  • Budget: $23,438,000 

The existing Raymond and Summerby greenhouses had to be demolished due to the severe deterioration of the structures. A new greenhouse has been constructed at the same location of the previous Raymond Greenhouse. The project's scope also included the construction of a service building with potting rooms, storage area, multifunctional room and a meeting hall connected to the Raymond Building. 

The project is in its final phase, including interior finishes and the startup of the electromechanical systems. 

Sylvan Adams Sports Science Institute  

Rendering of the front of the new SASSI project on Pine Avenue

  • Construction start: December 2022 
  • Planned construction end: December 2024 
  • Budget: $42,501,000 

As part of the creation of the Sylvan Adams Sports Science Institute, McGill University is transforming four of its row houses on Pine Avenue into a complex comprising state-of-the-art testing labs, training suites, research offices, and meeting rooms. 

The project consists of building a back extension to the four row houses and an adjoining fifth house and restoring a large part of their overall existing volume as well as the four front façades. The project also includes the replacement of the HVAC, electrical and water distribution systems. 

New Residence Hall – Restoration of façades  

  • Construction start: April 2023 
  • Planned construction end: December 2026 

McGill University’s New Residence Hall is a 15-storey building constructed in 1975. Formerly a hotel, it now houses student residences. The project consists of a complete replacement of the block facing on the building’s facades and the repair of concrete surfaces. The work includes the replacement of the insulation in the exterior walls and of the window seals, which will increase the building’s thermal comfort and energy efficiency. 

McConnell Arena – Upgrade of building systems 

Indoor ice hockey rink

  • Construction start: June 2023 
  • Planned construction end: September 2025 
  • Budget: $17,300,000 

The McConnell arena, built in 1956, is home to several McGill winter sports teams and McGill events. The project’s objective is to upgrade the building’s electrical infrastructure and HVAC systems and replace the ice-making system. It will also improve the building’s energy efficiency. 

The first phase of the project, consisting of preparatory work to increase the capacity of the arena’s electrical entrance, has been completed. Phase 2 of the project has begun and includes the installation of the new systems. 

Strathcona Music Building – Pollack Hall 

Rendering of Pollack Hall

  • Construction start: May 2024 
  • Planned construction end: December 2025 
  • Budget: $29,000,000 

Pollack Hall, located in McGill's Strathcona Music Building, is the Schulich School of Music's largest performance venue. The objectives of the project are to transform and modernize Pollack Hall’s functional and aesthetic design, to improve its accessibility, seating, lighting, and audiovisual capacity, to renovate support spaces such as the backstage and artists’ facilities, and to upgrade the HVAC systems. 

Upcoming projects

Burnside Hall – Upgrade of electrical distribution system  

  • Planned construction start: June 2024 
  • Planned construction end: October 2025 
  • Budget: $18,600,000 

The project consists of the upgrade of the vertical power distribution system in the 13-story building. The current system dates back to the building’s construction in 1970 and has reached the end of its useful life. The three elevators will be renovated in parallel. 

Upper Main Road 

Rendering Upper Main Road

  • Planned construction start: June 2024 
  • Planned construction end: October 2025 
  • Budget: $12,100,000 

Following the upgrade of the lower section of the main road on the downtown campus a few years ago, the reconstruction of the upper main road from the Y-intersection to the area in front of the McCall MacBain Arts Building will start in June. The project aims to celebrate Main Road as a pedestrian zone, offering space for congregation, socialization and events. The project is the latest step in McGill’s plan to create a pedestrian-friendly campus, following the renovation of the Roddick Gates in 2017 and the upgrade of the lower section of the main road in 2019. The work will include landscaping, lighting, paving, site furniture, and rainwater management. 

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