Campus Public Safety

Emergency Management and Preparedness

Security Services

We develop and implement programs and standards for emergency management at McGill, including the University Emergency Response Plan. We maintain the university’s mass notification system and Emergency Operations Centre, and work with units across campus to ensure coordinated incident response. We offer our services on a 24-hour basis to all members of the McGill community. Our agents patrol the campus, manage access, transport students and staff with disabilities as well as respond to incidents and emergencies.


Fire Prevention


parking and transportation services

Fire Prevention Officers are on-call on a 24-hour basis. Besides responding to fire emergencies, we are engaged in fire prevention activities, hot work and scheduled shut-downs, training, special events planning, construction fire safety, fire drills, fire equipment inspections and repairs. We coordinate parking and transportation activities on the downtown campus. Our services include garage and parking lot access, issuing permits, providing proximity parking for persons with disabilities, event planning, disseminating information about how campus construction impacts parking and STM/BIXI initiatives.

a message from the director
Ensuring the safety of the McGill community is our ultimate and continuous goal. The team of professionals that make up the Campus Public Safety department work tirelessly to address the University’s ever-changing safety needs while encouraging all our community members to join the collective effort to promote a culture of safety across both our campuses.    

As we look forward to the future, we invite you to partner with us in creating a safe McGill. If you have suggestions on what we can do to better assist you, or ideas on how we can collaborate, please do not hesitate to contact us.  




McGill University’s Campus Public Safety Department works with the community to promote a safe and secure environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors through education, prevention and response. The members of the Campus Public Safety Department: Security Services, Fire Prevention, Parking and Transportation Services and Emergency Management and Preparedness, are committed to respecting the needs and interests of the university community, and to be diligent in the protection of both persons and property. As such, we encourage our partners in the community to assume their individual and collective responsibilities to make McGill University a place that is safe, and to provide an open environment that fosters learning and education.