Office Ergonomics

EHS can provide a basic ergonomic assessment of your computer workstation and make recommendations for adjustments to ensure the best set up for each individual employee.

Services Available

Request an ergonomic assessment (pick Service Call) of your computer workstation.

Any on-campus (downtown or Macdonald campus) McGill employee or student working at a computer can request an in-person assessment, and virtual assessments are available for on-campus or home office workstations. EHS will evaluate your work station and recommend changes to positioning or new furniture when necessary. Any purchase of new furniture will be the responsibility of the unit. 

When necessary a referral to a certified Ergonomist can be provided, note that charges for this will be the responsibility of the unit.

** EHS does not provide recommendations for sit-stand workstations or similar specialized ergonomic equipment.

    Basic ergonomic setup for computer workstation





    Please refer to the Practical Guide for work from home ergonomic tips.


    To request an ergonomic assessment of your work station please contact EHS, or fill out an Online Accident Form if you are experiencing chronic pain and need more documentation of your injury.

    The PDF icon Ergonomics Self-Assessment Checklist is a tool to help ensure that your workstation is set up properly and comfortable for you. It is a good idea to review the self assessment periodically

    For additional ergonomic tools, please see the links below.

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