Safety Training

Please note that EHS has postponed all in-person training courses. We are working to be able to offer safety training courses online, where available.

Registrations for EHS safety training courses in August are on hold until August 17, 2020 due to the implementation of a new course registration system. Thank you for your patience. 

Please read carefully, as this page contains a lot of information:

Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) training is free for undergraduate and graduate students, staff and faculty. Courses with fees will be noted. Our training, with the exception of First-Aid and Hazardous Waste, is also open to the greater Montreal community. Non-McGill (and including those who can't access the registration system, ex. with no valid ID card, post-doc not currently registered, visiting researchers, trainees, interns, etc.) participants can register for safety training using the the Paying Participant Form.

In some cases you may have dual status, i.e. Staff ( and Student ( status. Automatic correspondence regarding course registration may be sent to either one of your email addresses. To check your status, please follow these PDF icon IT instructions

e-Certificates are sent directly to the course participant via email. Our goal is to send the certificate one month after the course is completed. However, during the Fall semester the delay may be longer. Before contacting EHS, please verify the certificate issuing status in the table listing the course date. Note that no duplicate certificates will be reprinted.

Refresher safety training is mandatory after 3 years of formal training. Please refer to Safety Training Exams for more information.

Certificates from other institutions: McGill only recognizes live training (not web or online training) from other institutions and for the following courses: WHMIS 2015, Introduction to Biosafety, Safe Use of Biological Safety Cabinet, TDG Class 6.2 infectious disease, and CNESST-First Aid in the Workplace. How to inform us? Send an ehs [at] (email )along with your pdf certificate(s) and the following information: your name, your McGill ID, the name of Principal Investigator [PI] (see the lab manager, or your professor for help), name of department, building, and room number. Lastly, include your email and telephone coordinates in the email.

If you possess one of these non-recognized external courses: Radiation Safety, Laser Safety, TDG (exception class 6.2), and Hazardous Waste Management you can take an in-person test - if you pass with 80% you will be exempt from the training. Please refer to Safety Training Exams. Bring your certification copy(ies) the day of the exam.

For access to course notes, go to the Safety Training Presentations (restricted). For a list of courses, consult the listing below:

Registration can also be done directly for the following courses:

There are also training videos for:

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