University Health and Safety Committees & Policies


A safe and healthful environment is vital to the attainment of the University’s teaching and research mission and no undertaking should be considered so important that it be pursued in an unsafe manner. The University recognizes that safety is an essential component of all its activities which shall be managed in such a manner as to avoid, reduce or control all foreseeable risks to health and safety.

It is the responsibility of all persons using the University’s facilities to conduct their work or study in such a manner as to avoid placing themselves or others in danger, and to report unsafe conditions to an appropriate University official so that hazards may be mitigated in a timely manner. Safeguarding the well being of students, staff and visitors to the University is a shared commitment of all the members of the University community.

The Health and Safety Principles

In order to fulfill this mission, particular attention is required in providing:

  • A safe and healthful work environment that meets the requirements of University policy, government regulations, sound management practices, and applicable standards.
  • A suitable level and quality of information, instruction, training, and supervision to all staff and students, to empower them to fulfill and be accountable for their health and safety responsibilities.
  • Appropriate procedures to monitor and audit compliance with University health and safety policies.
  • Appropriate processes to identify, assess and control the risks associated with University activities.
  • The leadership and encouragement needed to continually nurture an appropriate safety culture and to instill safe work ethics in all teaching, research, and support activities.
  • Health and Safety committees in each department or faculty, as appropriate.

Approved by the Joint Advisory Health and Safety Committee, May 3, 2004.



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