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Certain types of waste generated at McGill are considered hazardous due to their potential threat to human and environmental health. Hazardous Waste Management (HWM), a member unit of Campus Public Safety, strives to provide safe and efficient hazardous waste disposal services to the McGill community.

Hazardous Waste Management

Waste pick-up requests

All hazardous waste pick-up requests must be submitted through myLab. This includes pick-up of chemical waste and radioactive waste, as well as universal waste such as lab equipment, IT equipment, metal furniture and other scrap metal.

The HWM team will contact you by email to coordinate your request.


In case of an emergency requiring help from ambulance, fire or police services, call 911 then contact Security Services.

Downtown: 514-398-3000 | Macdonald Campus: 514-398-7777

three icons representing biomedical waste, chemical waste and radioactive waste

Hazardous waste guidelines

Our disposal guidelines help ensure the safety of our community and compliance with the requirements of regulatory agencies.

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Recycling guidelines

HWM handles hazardous materials and other items destined for recycling which cannot be accepted via McGill's regular recycling program.

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We offer two hazardous waste management trainings: one targeted to anyone working in a lab and one for people handling radioactive shipments.

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