Waste management forms

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Waste room card access forms

These are building specific.  Please fill up the form and send it to hwm [at] mcgill.ca (subject: Card%20access%20form) with a photocopy/scan of your McGill ID.

McIntyre - access to HWM facility PDF icon card_access_hwm_2.0.pdf

McConnell - room 015 PDF icon card_access_mcconnell_015.pdf

Genome - room 3401 PDF icon card_access_genome_3401.pdf

M.H. Wong -  room 3280 PDF icon card_access_wong_3280.pdf

Otto Maass - room 48A PDF icon card_access_otto_48a.pdf

Chemical waste inventory and pickup request

NEW PROCEDURE!  In order to have your chemical waste picked up, you must log in the myLab software and use the"chemical waste pick-up" module.  To learn how to use this feature, you can register to a live training or consult the user guide on page 15.  Please note that this module is to be used for chemical waste only.  The procedure for biomedical waste and radioactive waste is the same as before.  If you do not have access to myLab, please contact EHS at ehs [at] mcgill.ca (subject: MyLab%20access)  . For any other enquiries, contact us via our general email address hwm [at] mcgill.ca.

Laboratory decommissioning and commissioning checklist

When moving out of a laboratory or into a new space, make sure to follow these guidelines.  Charges apply for hazardous waste disposal.

Certificate of equipment decontamination

If old equipment was in contact with hazardous material (chemical, biological or radioactive), a certificate of equipment decontamination is to be completed and attached to equipment prior to disposal.

Spill report / Accident and incident report

If a spill occurs in your lab or work environment, immediately call security to initiate the hazmat response (3000 downtown, 7777 MacDonald campus), and then help us complete our report by completing a spill report. This form is available online.  If you were injured or spilled hazardous material on yourself, also fill up the accident and incident report.

Old electronic equipment/computers/scrap metal

If you need to recycle some old electronic equipment or dispose of scrap metal, please fill up the online form

MUHC ONLY - Request access to radioactive waste tracking module of myLAB

This form is to be filled out by McGill University Health Center researchers who need access to the radioactive waste tracking module of McGill University.  NOT FOR MCGILL INTERNAL PERMIT USERS.  Fill up form HERE

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