Automated External Defibrillators (AED)

AED Locations 

Below is a list of the automated external defibrillators (AEDs) at McGill. For more information on how to use an AED, see the AED demo videos.

Downtown Campus

Building Location
1010 Sherbrooke 10th floor, facing reception
2001 McGill College 1st floor, in reception area near red stairs heading towards operatories. Outside of washroom.
2001 McGill College 2nd floor, behind reception desk
2001 McGill College 5th floor, just past reception (500)
680 Sherbrooke 2nd floor
680 Sherbrooke 15th floor
Bellini Life Sciences 4th floor, beside room 432
Birks 1st floor Student Affairs Office
Bronfman 1st floor, beside Porter's office
Brown West Wing, McGill Health Clinic next to room 3308
Burnside Hall 2nd floor hallway
Burnside Hall 4th floor hallway
Burnside Hall 6th floor hallway
Carrefour Residence Sherbrooke 1st floor, facing elevators
Currie Sports Complex Molson Stadium, main entrance
Currie Sports Complex 2nd floor Winsor Clinic 
Currie Sports Complex Fitness Center Basement
Currie Sports Complex Security Desk, 1st floor
Currie Sports Complex McConnell Arena, West side, top of stairs leading to bleachers
Durocher 3465 1st floor, reception
Education 2nd floor, near elevators
Faculty Club 1st floor cloakroom entrance
Gelber Law 1st floor, by door to garage
Genome 3rd floor, by entrance
Irving Ludmer Research & Training Main entrance (ground level) in corridor right of the elevator
James Administration 3rd floor, facing elevator
La Citadelle Residence Behind the front desk in the lobby
Leacock 1st floor lobby
Lyman Duff 2nd floor lobby
Martlett House 1st floor, by kitchen
McConnell Engineering 1st floor lobby, Porter's officer
McIntyre Medical 6th floor lobby
McLennan Library 1st floor, hallway to Redpath
Mobile Security Vehicle (x3)
Morrice Hall 1st floor entrance
New Residence Hall lobby facing reception
Otto Maas 1st floor lobby
Rutherford Physics 1st floor, beside Porter's office
Simulation Centre 1st floor, left hallway of main entrance
Solin Hall 1st floor lobby
Stewart Biology North Block, 2nd floor lobby
Strathcona Anatomy & Dentistry 1st floor, near east entrance
Strathcona Music lobby
University Centre lobby, right side near vending machines
Wong ground floor lobby, next to room 1020

Macdonald Campus

Building Location
Barton 2nd floor Barton Link, north entrance
Centennial Centre 1st floor, main entrance lobby, west wall
Farm Centre 1st floor office entrance, south wall
Glenfinnan Arena time keepers box mounted on the east wall, center of players bench
Laird Hall 1st floor main entrance lobby, NE wall beside phone
Facilities Management main garage entrance between supply store and stairs to 2nd floor south wall
Stewart Hall Athletics Complex 1st floor main entrance lobby near card reader door
Mobile Security Vehicle (x2) inside First Aid Medical Kits
Morgan Arboretum Pines Cottage, gate keepers office south wall
Paddle Shack  Mobile unit available during spring / summer
Raymond 2nd floor main entrance lobby on south pillar
Tadja Hall 1st floor living room on south wall


Other Locations

Building Location
Gault Estate Poste d'urgence, 711
Gault House left wall in main entrance



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