Hazardous Waste Management & Disposal Training for Laboratory Personnel

  • File HWM FAQ Guide - please read if you have any questions when registering for the HWM course or exam.


Target Audience: All staff and students required to handle, store and dispose hazardous waste must follow this course.

McGill students, staff and faculty must register online using the McGill Human Resources Staff Development course registration system.  For beginngers (first time trianing), please register for a live presntation.  For returning participants, including expired training from other institutions, please register for an online course.

Non-Mcgill student registrants, including visitors, please complete and submit the Paying Participant Training Form

Cost: Free for McGill Community (students, staff and faculty). When registering using the on-line registration system you will be prompted to enter a FOAPAL - no FOAPAL is required therefore leave the field blank.

Content: Hazardous Waste Management provides a full hazardous material disposal service to the McGill community. Disposal of waste is free of charge to internal departments, provided the waste is presented in a proper manner. Due to the nature of these materials, a number of basic requirements are necessary for the HWM to process and dispose of hazardous waste safely and efficiently. This training is intended to raise awareness on proper disposal of materials in a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly manner. The training session introduces participants to 4 key elements of McGill’s Hazardous Waste Management Department: hazardous waste disposal (chemicals, biohazard, radioactive, and sharps), hazardous materials emergency response, decommissioning of laboratory areas and recycling of metals and other obsolete equipment.

Participation in Hazardous Waste Management & Disposal Training is a new requirement for all personnel working with hazardous materials at McGill.

Duration: 90-minutes (excluding online examination time)

Training is building specific – when registering, be sure to carefully read the comment section which lists all building for which the training session is intended for. If your building is not listed, please register for the training session in the building closest to you. Additional sessions will be added on an as need basis. For Macdonald campus, the training is campus specific.

E-Certification Status: If you read "sent" and have not received your copy, please email ehs [at] mcgill.ca, along with the course date and your ID.

Training Schedule

Date Time Location / Language  

Downtown Campus Locations


Summer & Fall 2018

E-Certificates Status*

(see above)

June 7 web online for students e-certificates sent, June 19
June 26 web online for staff e-certificates sent, July 10
July 10 web online for student e-certificates sent, July 18
July 26 web online for staff  
August 14 web online for student  
September 27 (Thursday) 13h45 to 15h45 Leacock, Room 232 The only Live course on the Downtown campus in fall.
Next: Winter semester     special request, please email ehs [at] mcgill.ca

Macdonald Campus Locations


Spring 2018

May 17 (Thursday) cancelled May 9 10h to 12h Raymond, R3-011