Safety Training Exams

This page is not intended for anyone who has registered for a live presentation, as the live presentation includes an exam period (offered either online or in person after the presentation, depending on the course).

Please note in order to write/re-write a WHMIS 2015 exam, you must have attended a live presentation after January 2018

For WHMIS and Hazardous Waste Management (HWM)

For those taking WHMIS-2015 and Hazardous Waste Management (HWM) LIVE classroom training - once the training is completed, participants will be informed via email of the instructions needed to complete the online exam. No further action is required.

For those taking Online Hazardous Waste Management (HWM) training/exam - please register for an online exam here. If you are experiencing technical difficulties with Lime Survey, try this. If it doesn't work, please call IT (at 514-398-3398). Once your registration is received, you will be informed via email of the instructions needed to complete the online exam.

New: Online WHMIS 2015 course is not available. Live training is mandatory.

For All Other Safety Training Exams

Refresher Exam: This is for those who have taken a formal safety training course within the past 3 years, either at McGill University or another institution and require certification. Participants may choose to register to attend a live presentation - which includes an exam period; or attempt to write the exam only in person. If you would like to register to write the exam in person, please see the information on how to register for an in person paper exam below. Note that if you fail a refresher exam then you must re-take the original McGill training course with the exam

An Exam Re-write: for a participant who did not receive a passing grade for an online or classroom EHS safety training course, you must rewrite the exam in person only.  (If you need to re-write the HWM exam, you can register to re-write the online exam here. *Note that it is easier and faster to write the exam in person.

In Person Paper Exams

As stated above, this option is possible for those writing a refresher exam, an exam re-write or for those who will study the course notes by themselves and then take the exam for the first time. To register for an in person paper exam:

  • Click on the link below to look at the “in person exam dates” and then complete the "exam registration form" which will be automatically emailed to ehs [at] (EHS)
  • To review the course materials in advance, please download the course notes. In addition, you can view the Cool McGill presentation (available only for BSC; the WHMIS is obsolete). 
  • During the in person exam, participants are allowed to consult their course notes (both paper and electronic versions are allowed) and to use a scientific calculator if writing the Radiation Safety exam. 
  • You can obtain multiple certifications at once if needed [i.e. you can write more than one exam, if time allows].

Please send an josee.sansoucy [at] (subject: Alternate%20Safety%20Exam%20Test%20Date) (email) if no dates from the schedule below suit your schedule and tell us your preferred dates/times in the body of your email message.

In Person Paper Exam Dates 

Downtown Campus Calendar

Date Time Location
Downtown Campus Locations  

Spring/Summer 2018

Every Wednesday 10h15 3610 McTavish, 4th floor reception
Some Friday    
June 8 & 15 only 14h 3610 McTavish, 4th floor reception
Most Thursday    
From June 21 - until August 30 14h 3610 McTavish, 4th floor reception
Exception: July 19 X no session


Macdonald Campus Calendar

Macdonald Campus Locations 
2017 - 2018
Thursday, September 14, 2017, from 8h to 10h, at the Centennial Center, Room 1-150

HWM online exam only - see instruction under "Safety Training Exams" tab.

All other safety training refresher exams are strictly limited to "re-certification/refresher"; this means you must already possess an EHS certificate. You can write a refresher exam at Macdonald campus on days when there will be a live training session. Look at the training courses available at Macdonald campus and choose a suitable date and then enter this date in the exam registration form below. EHS will then i) confirm your presence, ii) the time you are expected to arrive and iii) inform the instructor of your refresher exam request.

If you need additional information, please call Josée Sansoucy at 514-398-4563

Exam Registration

Safe use of Biological Safety Cabinet, Introduction to Biosafety, Radiation Safety, Laser Safety, Transport of Dangerous Goods (TDG), Asbestos; Hazardous Waste, and WHMIS [you must have attended a live WHMIS 2015 presentation after January 2018]
examples.: BSC, Intro to Biosafety, Radiation, Laser, WHMIS-2015, HWM, TDG Class 6.2 etc.; or NA [not applicable]
Please refer to the schedule above [mainly on Wednesday mornings, and Friday afternoons]. For another arrangement, please call 514-398-4563, or email and provide your availability and we will try to accommodate your schedule.
Please notify us if you would prefer to write Hazardous Waste or Safe Use of Biological Safety Cabinet exams in French. French Exams are not available for other courses.
Please specify the reason of this in-person-exam-request. Ex. a refresher exam [to renew an existing but past due certification], an exam re-write [to re-write an exam that you have unfortunately failed]or an exam only for first time certification [you will study the course materials without attending a Live Course]

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