Asbestos Training

McGill University's policy states that all persons who work with asbestos-containing materials and those who supervise work or manage projects involving the disturbance of asbestos containing materials must be trained in the hazardous properties of asbestos and the applicable procedures to follow, to ensure community safety. Such training must be renewed every three years.

If you are registering for yourself, please register via the Human Resources website here. Please only use the form below if you are registering on behalf of someone else.

Asbestos Training Courses:

Asbestos Basic - a 2.5 hour course for those who work with asbestos-containing materials
Course Prerequisite: None
Cost: FREE for McGill staff and students

Asbestos Advanced (High Risk Management) - a 3 hour course for Project Managers and Supervisors who must manage high-risk or high-risk alleviated asbestos projects
Course Prerequisite: Asbestos Basic
Cost: FREE for McGill staff

Location: Downtown, 3610 McTavish, room 430; Macdonald Campus, Barton Room 1-016

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*Please note you must have first taken Asbestos Basic before registering for the Asbestos High Risk Management course
If you are a non-McGill person who wants to register for this course, do not fill out this form. Please fill out the paying participant form here: